Now, you can feel calmer without using medication

Now, you can feel calmer without using medication

Australian-made weighted blankets that can help relieve stress and anxiety and improve sleep

We have the widest range of weighted blanket fabric and colour choices available in Australia. (And if you can't see what you want, ask us to source it for you.)

Are you struggling with anxiety or to get to sleep?

Calming Moments' weighted blankets can help relieve stress and anxiety and help you sleep better for longer.

And that means that you can live a healthier, happier life.

4 Ways Calming Moments' Weighted Blankets Can Help

Premium quality weighted blankets engineered to calm anxiety

Soothe you to sleep at night Icon
Soothe you to sleep at night

Our customers tell us that it’s like being wrapped in a hug that lasts the whole night. It keeps you feeling safe and secure. So that you go to sleep and then stay asleep.

Calm feelings of overwhelm Icon
Calm feelings of overwhelm

Weighted blankets use a firm, gentle pressure known as "Deep Pressure Touch". It acts in three steps to calm the body and mind. It first switches off your body's "fight or flight" response. This calms your feelings of overwhelm and confusion.

Relieve anxiety Icon
Relieve anxiety

Secondly, Deep Pressure Touch physically slows the heart and breathing rates. This means that your body feels physically calmer and you feel less anxious.

Reduce feelings of stress Icon
Reduce feelings of stress

Lastly, Deep Pressure Touch floods your blood stream with "feel-good" neurotransmitters and hormones that calm the mind. The end-result is that you feel less stressed.

Recommended by Occupational Therapists

"I cannot speak any more highly of your products! The craftsmanship is perfection and the prices realistic! I have placed many orders with you and your communication, timeliness of delivery and of course product quality is second to none! I am a loyal customer! Well Done and THANK YOU!"

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