Calming anti-anxiety therapy heavy blankets for insomnia

We Help You Have Calm, Happy Bedtimes and a Peaceful Night's Sleep

Do You Want to Rest Better at Night and Get More Out of Your Day?

Clinical studies prove that weighted blankets calm the mind. This helps you and your child go to sleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Curl up in the luxury of a Calming Moments’ premium quality weighted blanket and experience soothing bliss.

  • Our customers tell us that it’s like wrapping your child in a hug that lasts the whole night. It keeps your child feeling safe and secure. So that they GO to sleep and then they STAY asleep.
  • We custom-make our Certified Australian-made Weighted Blankets for you with love. That means you get the blanket that you want from our wide range of fabrics (including sensory and smooth Minky), prints and colours.
  • We are an NDIS-registered supplier. NDIS may pay for your weighted blanket if you are a participant. (Please visit our NDIS page to find out how to check out depending on your plan.)
  • FREE shipping on all weighted blankets.
Australian-made calming anti-anxiety therapy blankets
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All our weighted blankets are made for you – with love – right here in Mandurah, WA. And we source as much of our materials as we can from Australian suppliers. This means you get the best value-for-money as you are dealing directly with us – the product’s manufacturer. And you don’t have to worry that you or your child are exposed to unsafe materials or fillings.

2 year guarantee

Each of our ultimate comfort blankets is backed by our one-of-a-kind 2-year guarantee. This shows the amazing quality of our product. Each blanket is well-stitched and we use very fine materials inside. We will repair or replace your blanket for FREE in the unlikely event that the stitching breaks.

Chat or call with our customer support

We have the widest choice of colours and fabrics available.

Choose from cotton, sensory minky, plush smooth minky, weighted quilt inserts, our famous Character weighted blankets , Design-Your-Own weighted blankets and many more. 

If you can’t find what you want in our library, call us or e-mail and we’ll source it for you.

Every Calming Moments’ weighted blanket is designed to maximise the calming effects of  Deep Pressure Touch that help you sleep:

  • Each blanket consists of a number of evenly sized pockets. Each pocket contains an equal weight of beads. This means the weights don’t gather and cause undue pressure.
  • We tailor-make your blanket for you to maximise the Deep Pressure Touch effect. You choose the right weight for you from our options of 20 different blanket weights.
  • The blanket’s weight comes from Australian-made micro glass beads. They help keep the weighted blanket more compact. This makes the blanket easy to fold up and transport. Plus, we know that they are safe with no potentially toxic fillers because of Australia’s high manufacturing standard requirements.
  • These glass beads have no rough or sharp edges and are the size of mustard seeds. This means that you won’t feel any sharp edges. And they’re silent – so you won’t experience the rustling, whooshing noises that plastic poly pellets can make.
  • Our two layers of cotton wadding keep the glass beads evenly distributed through each pocket. This maximises the Deep Pressure Touch effect for you – so you can be calmer and sleep better.
  • We double-line and triple-stitch each blanket on the edges with hems. This ensures that the pockets will not break – so you get evenly applied Deep Pressure Touch.
  • All our weighted blankets are machine-washable on cold, gentle cycle if your machine can take the weight. This means you don’t have to worry about mess and dirt.
  • Our customers who use accounts (rather than checking out as guests) earn loyalty points. These will give them 10% of the value of their current purchases off their future purchases.
  • All Calming Moments’ weighted blankets and quilt inserts are covered by our unique two-year guarantee. This shows you that our premium quality is real. So you know that your Calming Moments’ weighted blanket is better value than a cheap imported one. It will last longer. And the product engineering means it will apply Deep Pressure Touch more evenly and consistently than a mass-manufactured blanket. In the unlikely event that the stitching breaks, we will repair or replace your blanket for FREE.
  • Our better quality means better value for you.
    • Don’t waste your money on a “cheap” mass-produced alternative that won’t help you sleep.

    • Consider, how much a good night’s sleep is worth to you. $1 a night? $5 a night? If you use a Calming Moments weighted blanket for two years, you will pay less than 50c per night for better quality, longer sleep.

    • Our prices reflect our high quality, certified Australian-made production. But they also mean that you can rest peacefully, secure in the knowledge that the blanket will work for you individually AND that it contains no potentially harmful inputs. 

    • We have both Afterpay and Zippay available for instalment payments.

Here are some of our Five-star customer reviews. And you can read more on our Testimonials page.

Mel Broomfield recommends Calming Moments

Anti-anxiety calming therapy weighted blanket for insomnia

30 April 2020

We received our son’s blanket yesterday. He absolutely loves it! After looking online for a while no at sooo many types I am so happy we got one from you guys.

The quality is amazing and the personal touch with his name on it looks awesome.

Thanks again for a great product. 

Beccy O’Neil recommends Calming Moments

Anti-anxiety calming therapy weighted blanket for insomnia

30 April 2018

I bought a Calming Moments blanket for my nearly three year old who wakes up every night at least four times a night.

Since using this blanket he has slept two whole nights through and woken once a night on the other nights.

Thank you so much Calming Moments!

Anthea Charlotte McCormick recommends Calming Moments

Anti-anxiety calming therapy weighted blanket for insomnia

27 June 2020

I received my Calming Moments Shoulder Soother and Quilt Insert a few days ago and I can’t even imagine life before them!

Adoring the shoulder soother when sitting for long hours doing uni work and the amazing night’s sleep the insert has given me is UNBELIEVABLE!!!! 

I feel less anxious and uptight within minutes.

LOVE LOVE LOVE #lifechanging #bestisolifepurchase

Tanya Evans recommends Calming Moments

Anti-anxiety calming therapy weighted blanket for insomnia

2 July 2020

I was looking for a weighted blanket made in Australia. Calming Moments ticked all the boxes.

I was able to order a Super King Size Weighted Quilt Insert. Calming Moments kept me up to date with the progress of my order at ll times via email.

The item arrived in a timely manner despite the COVID Crisis and it is really well made.

I’m having the best sleep since I started using the new insert. I would highly recommend this company if you would like to improve the quality of your sleep.

Skye Phillips recommends Calming Moments


12 August 2020

They went above and beyond to find the fabric I requested and were very responsive with all of my questions!

Received the blankets today and the quality is AMAZING!!!

Jim Dowling recommends Calming Moments


29 March 2018

I didn’t realise how good sleep could be until I started using one of your weighted blankets.

I used to sleep very light and always woke up groggy.

Now I always feel like I’m getting a great night’s sleep. Thanks!

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Hurry and order today because our production capacity is limited

  • Our wonderful team of 15 Aussie mums professionally makes each blanket individually. This means that our production capacity for our beautiful premium quality weighted blankets made specifically for you is limited. 

  • Hurry and order today so that you won’t have to wait to receive your special weighted blanket, engineered for your unique body. To help you go to sleep faster and stay asleep longer.