Australia’s most affordable weighted blanket manufacturer.

Products are made within 2-3 days* and dispatched anywhere in Australia.

We aim to provide products to other families that we think may help in bringing up a child with autism. At calming moments we also understand the difficulties in raising children with autism as we too have a child with the condition and know the challenges they present. Our Products are not only suited to kids on the autism spectrum, other kids will also adore our products. Products will be added frequently so why don’t you visit us here online and take a look.

Currently, we have a huge demand for our blankets resulting in extended production times while we train more staff and install more manufacturing equipment. We apologize for any delays and as orders are placed are advising accurate eta’s. Thankyou for supporting an Australian made product and local staff.

*We will advise eta on placement of order


We support worthy causes and organisations like the Autism Association of Western Australia by donations and also working closely with local community groups in Mandurah

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