About Us

calming moments team

Calming Moments manufactures high quality weighted blankets at our factory in Mandurah, WA.

This amazing team of Aussie mums make our gorgeous range of brightly coloured weighted blankets. Weighted blankets that our customers’ glowing reviews tell us work. They help you go to sleep and stay asleep. They reduce anxiety. They make you feel calm and connected. And because each and every weighted blanket is made to order, we can craft you a truly unique, customised blanket from – literally – any cotton or minky fabric you like. Plus, we custom-make it with the correct weight to maximise the calming effect of Deep Pressure Touch on your unique body. Choose from our wide range of fabrics or find your own and we’ll source it for you. We are all so inspired by the feedback on how our blankets have changed people’s lives. We would love to make your weighted blanket… Please use the buttons below to either read more about how Calming Moments’ weighted blankets have helped people reduce anxiety and improve their sleep. Or press the SHOP NOW button to browse our range of premium Australian-made weighted blankets and related products.