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A Small Aussie Weighted Blanket Manufacturer

Cherisse Spray founded Calming Moments in 2013 after she made her autistic son a weighted blanket.

Soon, friends and aquaintances within the autistic community were asking her to make one for them as well.

And so she stumbled into a business that helped people who find it difficult to sleep or remain calm.

By 2017, Cherisse had outgrown the capacity of her small at-home workshop and moved into workshop premises.

She employed her first staff members as the business grew – mostly by word-of-mouth.

Calming Moments was built by making three clear commitments:

  1. The product quality is exceptionally good.
  2. We charge our customers a fair price that reflects our Australia labour costs without charging unreasonable profit margins.
  3. We put our customers first and make their orders with love and care.

The business attracted strong support from within the Occupational Therapy profession because the blankets are custom-made in line with the recommended weight guidelines.

The Australian-made campaign certifies that all Calming Moments’ weighted blankets are Australian-made. (Or you are welcome to come visit our factory and see for yourself.)

What Makes Calming Moments’ Weighted Blankets Unique?

Made with love and care

We make Calming Moments’ weighted blanket with love and care in Western Australia.

Made with the right weight

We custom-make each weighted blanket with the right weight for you. This gives your body the best calming effect.

Filled with silent glass beads

So that your sleep won’t be disturbed by poly pellets’ rustling, swooshing noises.


All our weighted blankets are easily machine-washable on cold, gentle cycle.

A New Start in 2020

Peter and Kirsty Thomson bought Calming Moments in January 2020.

We have kept – and reinforced – the Sprays’ commitment to high quality Australian-made products.

We’ve loved hearing our customers’ stories – and you can read them in the over 1 000 product reviews on this website.

We have expanded the product range to give you more custom-made, high quality products that help calm sensory overwhelm.

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