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Will a Weighted Blanket Help You Sleep Better?

Did you know that weighted blankets can calm the physical and mental symptoms of anxiety and help you sleep better – without medication?

Which is awesome!

But, it’s also true that weighted blankets don’t work for everyone. So, before you buy one, how do you know whether a weighted blanket will work to help you sleep better?

Sensory-seeking People Get the Most Benefit from Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets work best for people who are sensory-seeking.

And to get the best result, they should be sensory-seeking both during the day AND in their sleep.

So, let’s unpack what sensory-seeking means and the four types of sensory behaviour during sleep.

What is Sensory-Seeking Behaviour?

Some people crave stimuli to their 5 senses and will do things that feed their senses.

It may look like:

  • Little sense of personal space and touching of other people’s arms, including strangers;
  • Seeking out physical contact, such as hugs;
  • Rubbing hands over specific textures;
  • Chewing or sucking on objects or clothing; or
  • Fidgeting.

But remember, you also need to seek sensory feedback in your sleep. Typically you can identify this if you need someone to snuggle with or rub your back to help you sleep. Or perhaps you have an object – such as a pillow – that gives you a sense of security so that you can sleep.

But it can be hard to know if you’re doing this in your sleep because…well, you’re asleep. And this is all subconscious behaviour that is driven by how our individual nervous system is wired.

So let’s find out how you can know for sure.

It’s All About Your Sensory Sleep Type

There are – broadly – four different types of sensory behaviour during sleep. These are:

  • Highly sensory-seeking sleeper;
  • Medium sensory-seeking sleeper;
  • Low sensory-seeking sleeper; and
  • Sensory-avoidant sleeper.

Let’s unpack what each of these mean.

Highly Sensory-Seeking Sleepers

Light grey cotton weighted blanket lies on top of a king-size bed with no overhang.

If you are a highly sensory-seeking sleeper then you actively search out some type of physical feedback to help you relax and sleep better. This could be in the form of snuggling a partner, loving the feeling of a pet’s body on the bed, enjoying lying under a heavy doona or being a relatively restless sleeper who moves around in bed.

Perversely, a high sensory-seeking sleeper may actually kick their covers off in their quest for some form of physical feedback.

A weighted blanket will work to help a highly sensory-seeking sleeper sleep better. They will benefit from using a weighted blanket as the reassuring pressure provides the physical feedback that they naturally want.

Medium Sensory-Seeking Sleepers

Medium sensory-seeking sleepers also seek physical contact in their sleep, but not to the same extent as highly sensory-seeking sleepers.

Instead, they will cuddle up to their partner or stroke the blanket, sheet or pillow.

They may rub their own feet or legs together as well.

The bottom line is that medium sensory-seeking sleepers are also likely to find a weighted blanket helps them sleep better for longer.

Low Sensory-Seeking Sleepers

People who are low sensory-seeking sleepers don’t require that much physical pressure to help them sleep better. But they do – subconsciously – want some.

So, they may rub the bedding with their hands or twist the sheet or the edge of the pillow case.

Low sensory-seeking sleepers may find a calming weighted blanket helpful to improve sleep, but other strategies can be just as effective.

Sensory-Avoidant Sleepers

People who avoid sensory contact in their sleep typically don’t like feeling another body in their sleep zone.

If you are a sensory-avoidant sleeper, then a weighted blanket is unlikely to help you sleep better. Instead, here are some other calming strategies that can help you sleep better.

What Do I Do Next?

If you are a sensory-seeking sleeper who thinks a weighted blanket will help you sleep better, head over to our store and browse our range of beautiful Australian-made weighted blankets.

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Excellent quality

The quality is excellent, and it was made and posted very quickly. My son loves the textured fabric and lap blankets are much easier to move around the house and use in different locations than full size weighted blankets. We absolutely love it, thanks you!

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I purchased the weighted blanket because my best friend pointed out that I may have anxiety because I told the only thing that could get me to sleep was by putting a pillow or some weight on my legs. It didn’t occur to me until she mentioned the weighted blanket and toys. I then tried out the lap weighted blanket over my legs while I sit on the couch, at my desk or when I sleep and I feel that exact soothing, calming feeling I need. Thankyou!

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