Weighted Blankets For Kids

Calming Moments is the Kid’s Weighted Blanket Specialist

Imagine listening to your child’s gentle breathing as they effortlessly fall asleep each night.

Calming Moments’ weighted blankets can help your child go to sleep faster and sleep for longer.

And that means:

  • No more fighting with them to go to bed. Causing you both lots of upset and often resulting in a meltdown that keeps them up even longer.
  • No more you spending your precious evenings lying in bed with your child to help them go to sleep. Or waking with a stiff neck at 2am in your child’s bed.
  • No more having to deal with a sleep-deprived, melting down and bad tempered child the next day. 
Calming Moments coloured cotton weighted travel blankets

No more fighting with them to go to bed and stay there.

Calming Moments printed cotton weighted travel blanket

No more spending your evenings lying in their bed to help them sleep.

Calming anti-anxiety therapy heavy blankets for insomnia

No more grouchy, irritable kid the next day

It is possible.

Weighted blankets use Deep Pressure Touch, a firm and gentle pressure. 

(You can find out more about how Deep Pressure Touch works here.)


Deep Pressure Touch has been scientifically proven to help relieve stress and anxiety. This, in turn:

  • Helps you go to sleep quicker and stay asleep for longer;
  • Calm down if you are overexcited or having a meltdown; and
  • Focus.

Every weighted blanket should have two characteristics to maximise its Deep Pressure Touch benefits. These will help you calm down and sleep. 

  1. The weight should be spread evenly through it, without any “bunching” or “pooling” of the weight.
  2. It should be the correct weight for its user.

The weight needs to be evenly distributed through the weighted blanket

Every weighted blanket should have the weight spread evenly through the blanket to deliver the best sleep-enhancing Deep Pressure Touch effect.

Our customers have found that many mass-produced weighted blankets don’t have evenly spaced weights. This means that the weight can claustrophobically focus on your chest, pinning you to your bed. With nothing on your legs. Or the other way round.

This will not help you sleep.

Or the weights will slide around to the bottom of the pocket.

Again, this will not help you sleep.

The weight must be evenly spread through the blanket to maximise its Deep Pressure Touch so that you can sleep better for longer.

But even this alone is not enough to make sure that you get the correct Deep Pressure Touch on your body to get you the best sleep result.



Every weighted blanket should be custom-made for the individual user

OTs recommend that travel, toddler, single and king single bed weighted blankets should be 10% of the user’s body weight. (We recommend adding 1kg for the larger blankets as the weight is spread over a larger area.)

We all have different body weights.

Yet, most mass-produced weighted blankets come in a limited number of weights.

Which is fine if you happen to be 20kg, 50kg, 70kg or 90kg on the dot. But if you weigh anything else, then you need a different blanket weight.



Calming Moments weighted blankets are uniquely designed to help your child sleep better

We have engineered all our  blankets to optimise each weighted blanket’s Deep Pressure Touch action. This maximises the Deep Pressure Touch’s calming and soothing effect.

  • Each blanket has evenly spaced, individually sewn pockets. These are each filled with an equal weight of our Australian-made micro glass beads. This means that the blanket’s weight is evenly distributed across your whole body.
  • The Australian-made glass beads are the size of mustard seeds with smooth edges. This means that you can’t feel any hard edges. And the glass is silent. This means that there is no rustling or whooshing noise to interrupt your rest.
  • Because the glass beads are made in Australia, we know that they are made to this country’s high quality manufacturing standards. That means that you can be secure that there are no potentially toxic fillers chemicals. And that the beads are beads, not powdered glass or some other potentially harmful material.
  • The glass beads also have the advantage that they make the blanket compact and easy to fold up. This makes it easy to store and transport.
  • We fill each blanket with two layers of cotton wadding. This keeps the glass beads evenly spread through each pocket. It means the beads don’t “pool” in one corner. This maximises the Deep Pressure Touch effect on every part of your body.

The Calming Moments team of Australian mums make all our weighted blankets for Australian kids – with love and care in Western Australia.

This means our weighted blankets are extremely well-made. We use high quality materials and back each and every blanket with a Calming 2-year guarantee. (In the unlikely event that the stitching breaks, we will repair or remake for blanket for FREE.)

Every weighted blanket is unique

We make every single blanket to your order.

  • You can choose your favourite printed cotton or sensory minky (or even a combination). Choose from our fabric library or contact us to source your child’s favourite!
    • Super heroes. Unicorns.  Dinosaurs. Popular characters. We have them!
  • We make our blankets available in 22 different weights. These range in 0.5kg increments from 1.5kg up to 12.0kg so that your child will get the right blanket weight for their body mass.
    • We do this because Occupational Therapists recommend that a single weighted blanket should be 10% of a child’s body weight. (Children under 2 should not use weighted blankets for safety reasons.)
    • This means that your child will receive the optimal deep pressure touch therapy that soothes their bodies, calms their minds and helps them sleep.
    • You can trust that there are no harmful fillers in the weights because they are made in Australia to high quality standards.
  • We can embroider your child’s name onto their weighted blanket.
  • Our weighted blankets are available in toddler bed, single, king single, double, queen and king size. 
  • PLUS – our all our weighted blankets are machine-washable on cold, gentle cycle.
  • We are an NDIS-registered supplier.

So, don’t waste your money on a “cheap” mass produced alternative that won’t help you sleep.


Let us help your child get the sleep they need

In the past seven years we have custom-made weighted blankets that have helped thousands of children feel less anxious and overwhelmed. This, in turn, has helped them sleep.


But don’t take our word for it, check out our happy customers’ reviews on our Testimonials page or scroll down.D

Why Customers Love Our Product and Service

Casey Duffield recommends Calming Moments


21 March 2018

My lap blanket arrived for my 4yr old daughter with SPD on Monday, she has asked to use her blanket at every opportunity since, I think she can already feel it helping her so is using it to self regulate already.


Sarah Ebner recommends Calming Moments


11 April 2018

My daughter who has ASD and anxiety received hers blanket yesterday and for the first time she feel asleep easily and slept all night

Amanda Coleman recommends Calming Moments

Anti-anxiety calming therapy weighted blanket for insomnia

16 May 2018

This is a very belated thank you.

Can’t thank you enough for my son’s weighted blanket. Beautifully and well made and very quick to arrive.

He sleeps so much better now. Wish I’d bought one years ago!

Rebecca Rachel recommends Calming Moments

Anti-anxiety calming therapy weighted blanket for insomnia

21 August 2016

I ordered a 2kg lap blanket for my son’s birthday in June. It is now one of the most important things we own and goes everywhere with him.

We use it over his body during nappy changes, round his shoulders during toiletting and over his lap when sitting.

The blanket is beautifully made and I love the funky monkey print.

Will probably invest in a larger size blanket soon. Very highly recommended. 

Emma Briggs recommends Calming Moments

Anti-anxiety calming therapy weighted blanket for insomnia

4 April 2019

This is a very belated thank you.

Last year I ordered a weighted insert for my son’s bed and a travel blanket. It is still very much loved and I’m very pleased with them. It is perfect for in the car to calm down and keeps him entertained every now and then when he plays i-spy with it. 

They look great and the quality has been wonderful and long-lasting.

Thank you again. 

Lynette Madge recommends Calming Moments

Anti-anxiety calming therapy weighted blanket for insomnia

23 May 2018

The quality of your weighted blanket is amazing. The pellets are very fine and very user friendly which is really important for my ASD kids who don’t like bumps. 

The workmanship is also excellent.

Our OTs hadn’t even heard of your company so we are happily singing your praises and spreading the word.

Integrity in business and especially in supports for special needs people is really appreciated!

Michele Hobbs recommends Calming Moments


25 February 2020

I purchased one of your lovely travel blankets for my daughter.

She has loved it in the car and seems to be helping her anxiety easier to manage which in turn makes it easier for me. Your service was amazing and very fast

Chantelle Wingate recommends   Calming Moments


31 October 2019

We recently purchased a buddy blanket! Absolutely love it fantastic quality and super fast post.

Was also a massive help keeping my son’s anxiety levels down for a recent trip to the city and a sleep study. Perfect travel size as well!!! also the customer service is above and beyond! Looking forward to making a future purchases! Thanks Calming Moments ❤️

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