Certified Australian-made weighted blankets

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Certified Australian-made weighted blankets


Weighted Blankets Help Children Sleep Better

Weighted Blankets Help Children Sleep Better

Certified Australian-made
Greatest choice of fabrics and colours
Great fabric choices
Premium quality guaranteed
Premium quality
Free shipping Australia-wide
Free shipping

Does Your Child Struggle to Sleep?

If you struggle to get your child to sleep – then here are 4 ways Calming Moments’ weighted blankets can help.

Calming Moments weighted blankets improve sleep
1. Soothe them to sleep

Our customers tell us that it’s like being a hug that lasts the whole night.

It keeps your child feeling safe and secure

Calming Moments' weighted blankets calm feelings of overwhelm
2. Calm foverwhelm

Weighted blankets use a firm, gentle pressure known as “Deep Pressure Touch”.

It first switches off your child’s body’s “fight or flight” response.

This calms their feelings of overwhelm and confusion.

Calming Moments' weighted blankets relieve anxiety
3. Relieve anxiety

Deep Pressure Touch also slows the heart and breathing rates.

This means that their body feels physically calmer.

And they feel less anxious.

Weighted blankets that reduce stress
4. Reduce feelings of stress

Lastly, Deep Pressure Touch floods your child’s blood stream with “feel-good” neurotransmitters and hormones. These calm the mind.

The end result is that they feel less stressed. So that they can go to sleep more easily and sleep peacefully for longer.

Some of Our Customers' Real-life Stories

“Like Someone Was Cuddling Me”
Calming Moments weighted blanket review

We brought a blanket for our son, who’s always been a restless light sleeper but not only that needs the touch and comfort of someone next to him.

We had exhausted all avenues and were exhausted ourselves.

It’s always been that way since he was born, he’s now 6.

A few family members made the comment about trying a weighted blanket and we thought what have to got to lose and ordered one.

Calming Moments were so easy to work with and our order arrived yesterday. He was so excited when we put it on his bed.

This morning our son walked into our room and said “I stayed in my bed the whole night, my blanket was so good mum. It was like someone was cuddling me the whole time”.

I wish we had ordered one a lot sooner! We can’t thank you enough! We’ll definitely be back soon for more.

– Courtney E

“Used to Take Her 39 Minutes to Settle”
Calming Moments weighted blanket review

My daughter has been sleeping under her blanket for just 1 week.

It USED to take her at least 39 minutes to settle down and go to sleep. Last night she was completely gone in 2-3 minutes.

She USED to have night terrors 4-5 times a night, screaming in absolute fright and scaring me into an almost heart attack.

She hasn’t had a single one, not one, since the first night of using her Calming Moments blanket.

Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU!!!!

– Samantha M-P

“Best Investment I've Made”
Calming Moments weighted blanket review

My son finally sleeps through the night!!!

Previously getting up multiple times and up early but not anymore.

So pleased I invested in the weighted blanket.

Blanket is well made and great quality.

Best investment I’ve made for a long time!!

– Amanda L

“Worth the Money”
Calming Moments weighted blanket review

There are many types of weighted blankets in the market, cheaper or more expensive.

I really wanted an Australian-made product after all this COVID year… and I’m very happy with my purchase.

My daughter doesn’t know that is a calming blanket, she just loves how it is ‘hugging’ her and that it’s a bit heavy and she sleeps so well during the night!!!

We like the design and distribution of weight, size and material.

I liked that I could choose the right size, design and weight. It’s worth the money.

– Maria P

“He Absolutely Loves It
Calming Moments weighted blanket review

We received our son’s blanket yesterday. He absolutely loves it! After looking online for a while no at sooo many types I am so happy we got one from you guys.

The quality is amazing and  it looks awesome.

Thanks again for a great product.

– Mel B

“The Quality is Amazing”
Calming Moments weighted blanket review

They went above and beyond to find the fabric I requested and were very responsive with all of my questions!

Received the blankets today and the quality is AMAZING!!!

A huge thank you to the Calming Moments team!

– Skye P 

Like an All-night Hug to Calm Anxiety and Soothe Kids into a Deep, Peaceful Sleep

The calming weight of a weighted blanket feels like an all-night hug that helps your child feel safe and secure.

Recommended by Occupational Therapists

“I cannot speak any more highly of your products! The craftsmanship is perfection and the prices realistic!

I have placed many orders with you and your communication, timeliness of delivery and – of course – product quality is second to none!”

-Amy H from Amy’s OT

Here are 3 More Reasons to Consider a Calming Moments' Weighted Blanket:

Weighted blankets custom-made for the best calming effect
1. Custom-made for your child

We custom-make each weighted blanket with the correct weight.

This gives your child’s unique body the best calming effect.

Only weighted blankets with a 2-year guarantee
2. Guaranteed for 2 years

These premium quality weighted blankets come with a unique two-year guarantee.

This means we will repair or replace it in the unlikely event that the stitching breaks.

Widest range of fabrics and colours for weighted blankets available in Australia
3. More fabric and colour choice

We have the widest choice of weighted blanket fabrics and colours available.

Choose from breathable cotton, snuggly sensory minky,  luxurious smooth minky or fun printed cottons.

Our printed fabric options available include popular characters from movies and books like FrozenMinecraft and Harry Pottersuper heroesunicorns and dinosaurs.

And let us know if you have a special request – and we’ll source the fabric for you.

The Children’s Weighted Blanket Specialist

Peach smooth minky weighted blanket

Calming Moments specialises in making children’s weighted blankets.

We custom-make them with the right weight for each child’s unique body.

The calming Deep Pressure Touch comes from the weight of the blanket. Our micro glass beads provide this weight.

  • They are very fine so that you feel no hard edges. And – unlike poly pellets – there is no rustling, “swooshing” noise to disturb your sleep.
  • We sew an equal weight of micro glass beads into equal sized pockets. This spreads the weight evenly so that you get a consistent calming effect.
  • Two layers of cotton wadding keep the beads in place. This means that the weight doesn’t “bunch” or “pool”.

(We recommend that your child should be able to lift the blanket off themselves. Please do not use a weighted blanket on a child younger than two years old.)

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