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How Weighted Blankets Can Help Restless Legs

How Weighted Blankets Can Help Restless Legs

How weighted blankets can help restless leg syndrome

If you have Restless Leg Syndrome, then you will be all too familiar with the debilitating insomnia that the Syndrome causes.

Because it is literally impossible to sleep if your legs are twitching or you feel like they are pulsing with mild electric shocks.

And you just can’t help but move them

Some researchers think that it’s not just the physical movement that’s keeping you awake. They have found that the people they’ve studied with Restless Leg Syndrome also have low levels of certain hormones and neurotransmitters that regulate sleep. (Read more here.)

Sadly, there is not (yet) a cure for Restless Leg Syndrome. But there are some interventions that help, including some drugs.

Experts also recommend exercise, relaxation exercises and stretching.

And weighted blankets also seem to help – both with quieting the legs’ movement and with getting to sleep.

How can weighted blankets help people with Restless Leg Syndrome?

Aqua sensory minky weighted blanket

Weighted blankets help people who have Restless Leg Syndrome in two ways. They apply Deep Pressure Touch to your body. (Deep Pressure Touch is even, gentle pressure across your whole body. It feels like a great big hug.)

The Deep Pressure Touch:

  • Calms the leg and other body muscles to stop the legs moving;
  • Soothes the mind and help you drift off to sleep.

This is because Deep Pressure Touch works on your central nervous system.

First of all, it switches off your “fight or flight” mode or sympathetic nervous system.

(You will feel extremely tense and on edge if your sympathetic nervous system is in command for an extended period. The Deep Pressure Touch eliminates these feelings when it switches the sympathetic nervous system off.)

Secondly, Deep Pressure activates the parasympathetic nervous system. It causes all the muscles in your body to relax – including your leg muscles. It also physiologically calms the body and mind as it slows your heartbeat and rate of breathing.


This all makes you feel physically relaxed and able to sleep.

Deep Pressure Touch also causes your body to release helpful hormones and neurotransmitters

Baby pink cotton weighted blanket

In the next stage, the parasympathetic nervous system also releases endorphins or “feel good” hormones.

It follows up with discharging neurotransmitters that help lift your mood. These include serotonin, which helps you sleep.

Lastly, it suppresses cortisol, which is also known as the “stress hormone”.

Every weighted blanket should have two characteristics to maximise its Deep Pressure Touch benefits. These will help you go to sleep faster and stay asleep longer.

  1. The weight should be spread evenly through it, without any “bunching” or “pooling” of the weight.
  2. It should be the correct weight for the individual user.

The weight needs to be evenly distributed through the weighted blanket

The weight won't shift around

Every weighted blanket should have the weight spread evenly through the blanket to deliver the best sleep-enhancing Deep Pressure Touch effect.

At Calming Moments we sew equal weights of the beads into evenly spaced pockets throughout the blanket. Each pocket is triple-stitched, so that you can be sure that they will not break and have the beads slide into other pockets.

However, this is not enough to keep the micro glass beads evenly distributed through it.

So, we fill each blanket with two layers of cotton wadding.

This spreads the beads evenly through each pocket. So, the blanket will feel heavy, but you won’t be able to feel the individual beads.

And they don’t bunch or pool.

Our customers have found that many mass-produced weighted blankets don’t have evenly spaced weights. This means that the weight can claustrophobically focus on your chest, pinning you to your bed. With nothing on your legs. Or the other way round.

This will not help you sleep.

Or the weights will slide around to the bottom of the pocket.

Again, this will not help you sleep.

The weight must be evenly spread through the blanket to maximise its Deep Pressure Touch so that you can sleep better for longer.

But even this alone is not enough to make sure that you get the correct Deep Pressure Touch on your body to get you the best sleep result.

Every weighted blanket should be custom-made for the individual user

Custom-made with the right weight

Occupational Therapists recommend that single bed weighted blankets should be 10% of your body weight.

(We recommend adding weight for the larger blankets as the weight is spread over a larger area.)

We all have different body weights.

Yet, most mass-produced weighted blankets come in a limited number of weights.

Which is fine if you happen to be 20kg, 50kg, 70kg or 90kg on the dot. But if you weigh anything else, then you need a different weight blanket.

At Calming Moments, we custom make each blanket to order. We offer over 20 different weight options for our weighted bed blankets. These start at 1.5kg and increase in 0.5kg increments up to 12kg.

This means that you can get the exact weight blanket that will deliver the correct Deep Pressure Touch that will help your unique body sleep better for longer.

What makes Calming Moments’ weighted blankets unique?

Certified Australian-made weighted blankets

Calming Moments’ premium quality weighted blankets are certified Australian-made.

Weighted blankets made with love and care

We make each and every blanket in our factory in WA with love, care and attention to detail.

The only weighted blanket with a 2-year guarantee

Yes, you can buy cheap imported weighted blankets for not very much money online.

Greatest choice of fabrics and colours

We have a wide range of coloured and printed cottons and snuggly minky fabrics.

How to wash your Calming Moments' weighted blanket

All our weighted blankets are machine-washable on a cold, gentle cycle.

Free shipping Australia-wide

FREE shipping Australia-wide

What Our Customers Say:

How you can get an Australian-made weighted blanket to help calm your restless legs and help you sleep

A beautiful new weighted blankets is just two mouse clicks away. Go to https://calmingmoments.com.au/shopping/ and choose the bed size and type of blanket you want.

Then just follow the simple instructions to check out.

And we’ll make and ship your amazing weighted blanket to you.

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