Weighted Blankets for Schools

Did you know that many schools use weighted blankets in their classrooms?
Do you wonder if weighted blankets – which are simply heavy blankets filled with beads – could help the children in your care improve their learning outcomes?

Many of our customers are teachers who have found that using weighted blankets in their classrooms can help improve:
• Children’s focus and “time-on-seat” in the classroom;
• Their transitions between activities;
• Reduce the extent and intensity of meltdown episodes; and
• For the little ones: improve the quality of their rest during nap time.

Please read on as I explain how weighted blankets how they help in these four key areas.

How do weighted blankets help children at school?

Weighted blankets use the principle of Deep Pressure Touch Therapy. Deep Pressure Touch is a firm yet gentle pressure consistently applied to an area of your body. And it has been clinically proven to calm your body and thoughts.

(This is why weighted blankets have the seemingly contradictory benefits of helping you improve focus and concentration AND also improve sleep quality.)

This Deep Pressure Touch works in two ways:

Step 1: It calms your body’s “fight or flight” response by effectively shutting down your body’s sympathetic nervous system.
(This is the part of the central nervous system that keeps you alert. But if it is constantly in control of your body, you become highly stressed and anxious.)

Step 2: It puts your parasympathetic nervous system in control of your body. The parasympathetic nervous system is in charge of “daily housekeeping” functions like digestion and respiration. Clinical studies have shown that your body biologically becomes calmer. Your heart rate slows. Your breathing slows. And some studies have literally measured a change in brainwaves that shows that your mind becomes calmer too.

The net result: weighted blankets soothe both body and mind by applying Deep Pressure Touch.

Weighted lap blankets can help improve children’s ability to focus

A small weighted lap blanket or pad is the size of a tray. It rests on your lap and applies Deep Pressure Touch to your legs.

Many of our customers who are teachers have found that no more than 20 minutes of use helps children who are fidgety or have “the wriggles” to sit still for longer. This means they complete their school work to a higher standard.
It also gives proprioceptive input to children who battle to place their body in space.

Weighted blankets can assist in improving transition between activities

Some of our school teacher customers have noticed that using a weighted blanket or smaller travel blanket in the classroom as an interlude between activity changes helps improve the transition from one activity to another. This could be the switch between classroom and playtime or simply in-classroom tasks.

Weighted blankets seem to help meltdown episodes

Several of our school customers – especially in the early years – have commented that the soothing action seems to shorten meltdown episodes if children are wrapped in a small weighted blanket, like a travel blanket.

I think this is likely the Deep Pressure Touch switching off the stress response and calming the emotions.

Weighted blankets may help improve nap-time quality

Lastly, some of our Early Years customers have noticed that using the smaller travel blankets instead of an ordinary blanket helps the children go to sleep and sleep better during naptime. And that means that they wake up refreshed and ready for the second part of their day.


What type of weighted blankets can schools find useful?

By and large, our school customers tell us that they use weighted lap blankets and the smaller travel blankets in the classroom.

Interested in finding out more?

Here are the three reasons that Calming Moments weighted blankets are safe and practical for daily use by children in the classroom.

Reason #1: They are safe

  • We source only Australian-made micro glass beads for the weights. That way you can be 100% sure that there are no toxic fillers that might cause long-term harm to your charges.
  • We fill our weighted blankets with organic bamboo. This means the bamboo has no nasty insecticide or chemical residue that children could breathe in. The bamboo is not only soft, it is also a natural anti-bacterial.
  • Our Mandurah, WA factory specialises in making weighted blankets specifically for children. You can buy our weighted blankets in a number of different weights from the 1,5kg travel blanket up to 12 kg in 0,5kg increments. That way you don’t ever run the risk of having a child injured – or worse – because their weighted blanket was too heavy.

Reason #2: They are practical

  • All our cotton weighted blankets are machine-washable on gentle cycle. Because you shouldn’t have to spend your time hand-washing when mess happens.
  • Our cool cotton weighted blankets are made for Australia’s warm climate. Plus the bamboo filling breathes too.

Reason #3: We have five different sizes to choose from

  • Our weighted blankets for children range from small lap blankets (great for helping concentration) to travel blankets, singles, king singles and doubles.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here are some of the reviews from our wonderful customers on our Facebook page.

And if all of this is not enough, we’ll give your school two of our amazing “Emotions” posters when you spend $300 or more.
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