Weighted Blanket Calculator

Want to buy a weighted blanket but not sure which weight to buy?

Too heavy and it will be uncomfortable.

Too light and you won’t get the powerful calming benefit of Deep Pressure Touch.

Get it right with this instant calculator. This calculates the weight for our travel, single and king single blankets and quilt inserts.



If you are buying a double, queen, king or super king weighted blanket or quilt insert, please add 1 kg as the weight is spread over a wider area. If there are two people in the bed, please use their average weight and add 1kg. Or use this calculator for larger bed blankets.



Now that you know the right weight, choose the weighted blanket you want from our incredible range of fabrics and colours.

The science behind the weight calculation

Occupational Therapists recommend that you use a weighted blanket that is 10% of your body weight. This is heavy enough for the weighted blanket to “hug” you and soothe you. But light enough that it doesn’t feel claustrophobic.

If you are “between” weights, pick the heavier blanket.

  • For the littlelies, we suggest you look at our beautiful travel blankets. These also come in our full range of fabrics.

So don’t delay. Get the calm you want in your life. Just choose the type of blanket you want and order from our fantastic range of fabrics and blanket types today

  • All our weighted blankets are made right here in Mandurah, WA for you. They are certified Australian-made.
  • The weight comes from Australian-manufactured micro glass beads. No hard edges. Evenly distributed weight.
  • All our blankets are backed by our Calming 2-year guarantee. This means we will repair or replace any weighted blanket in the unlikely event that the stitching fails.
  • Our weighted blankets are machine-washable on cold, gentle cycle if your machine can take the weight.