Testimonials / Reviews

Here is a small sample of reviews and testimonials from customers on our blankets.

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I purchased this weighted blanket insert for my 7 year old daughter who has sensory processing problems among other issues is this has been a godsend. She was having problems going to sleep and then waking every night and then not able to go back to sleep. Since we received the blanket she has not gotten up once and is falling asleep with no problems and looks so peaceful instead of tossing and turning. I love how this one can be placed into any doona cover so when she wants anew one we can just change it

Erin / Email

Thank-you very much Cherisse for such a wonderful blanket. It was an absolute pleasure ordering from Calming Moments…communication was very quick and efficient, and the blanket was made and delivered in record time. I would highly recommend Calming Moments for anyone who is contemplating making an order. You won’t be disappointed!

Fiona / Email

I bought my weighted blanket, not for autism, but to help me manage post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and to help calm me down after meals due to my eating disorder. Cherisse was an absolute pleasure to buy from; speedy communication and my blanket was hand made and received within 4 days of ordering. My blanket is beautiful, quality stitching, beautiful material and the pockets are the right size that the weights don’t “gather” & cause undue pressure. I am so thankful and completely and utterly in love with my blanket!

Ella / Email

I have just received a double bed weighted blanket for my son, it arrived within a few days of my order, was impressed!, his first night with it was last night and he loved it, and I am sure he will continue to, he was very excited to have it on his bed, and I am hoping it helps him find calmness with all the stresses of being on the ASD that he struggles with

Melanie / Email