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Weighted Blanket Review
Facebook Weighted Blanket Review
Facebook Weighted Blanket Review
Facebook Weighted Blanket Review
Facebook Weighted Blanket Review
Facebook Weighted Blanket Review
Facebook Weighted Blanket Review
Facebook Weighted Blanket Review
Facebook Weighted Blanket Review

I purchased this weighted blanket insert for my 7 year old daughter who has sensory processing problems among other issues is this has been a godsend. She was having problems going to sleep and then waking every night and then not able to go back to sleep. Since we received the blanket she has not gotten up once and is falling asleep with no problems and looks so peaceful instead of tossing and turning. I love how this one can be placed into any doona cover so when she wants anew one we can just change it

Erin / Email

Thank-you very much Cherisse for such a wonderful blanket. It was an absolute pleasure ordering from Calming Moments…communication was very quick and efficient, and the blanket was made and delivered in record time. I would highly recommend Calming Moments for anyone who is contemplating making an order. You won’t be disappointed!

Fiona / Email

I bought my weighted blanket, not for autism, but to help me manage post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and to help calm me down after meals due to my eating disorder. Cherisse was an absolute pleasure to buy from; speedy communication and my blanket was hand made and received within 4 days of ordering. My blanket is beautiful, quality stitching, beautiful material and the pockets are the right size that the weights don’t “gather” & cause undue pressure. I am so thankful and completely and utterly in love with my blanket!

Ella / Email

I have just received a double bed weighted blanket for my son, it arrived within a few days of my order, was impressed!, his first night with it was last night and he loved it, and I am sure he will continue to, he was very excited to have it on his bed, and I am hoping it helps him find calmness with all the stresses of being on the ASD that he struggles with

Melanie / Email

Easy to order, fantastic service, fast turnaround, product is well made. Highly recommend Calming Moments if you are looking for a weighted blanket, the blanket with micro beads instead of poly pellets is lovely and compact, my child loves it, it’s really helped her to settle at night.

Alicia Dunne / Facebook

Amazing company donated a blanket to help a sick little girl, very high quality products made with upmost care, wonderful customer service a pleasure to deal with highly recommend.

Maddy Stu / Facebook

I purchased three weighted blankets (one for hubby and I and one for each child) because I was sick of the lack of sleep I was getting due to everyone else. They take a little getting used to after a light feather doona but I absolutely swear by them! My husband (who suffers from a sleep disorder) says that he loves the weighted blanket and it has significantly reduced his need to take sleep medication. He really noticed the difference when he went away and was without the blanket for a few days. I used to wake up at night and lay awake for ages but this doesn’t happen any more with the weighted blanket. The kids are both much more settled at night as well! Very happy with my purchase and would recommend them to anyone with sleep issues.

Kristen Watts / Facebook

Would just like to say that I purchased a weighted blanket for my suspected austism spectrum 4yr old son at Calming moments on recommendations on afterpay page and from friends. I received the blanket in the mail today and my son has hardly left it alone. I would also like to say the craftsmanship in these products are amazing I would rate them 5/5 stars and recommend them to anyone. I will also in the near future be ordering one for my 15 yr old a.d.d son as he keeps stealing it.

Nicole Fisher / Facebook

Thankyou Cherise and the team for making another beautiful blanket for us. This is our third one from Calming Moments( have a lap, travel and now double bed size blanket) and I recommend your blankets to family and friends. I love that they are Australian Made and a fantastic quality. Thanks again!

Bel Backus / Facebook

We bought the 7.5kg king quilt insert for our bed and it is so amazing! My husband is sleeping so much better (and is generally an insomniac) and I just never want to get out of bed!! Best purchase yet, worth every penny!

Drea Van / Facebook

I have been using this blanket for 6 months now and it’s definitely the best buy ever in my life. I used to take 2-3hours just to fall asleep and can’t stay asleep because of anxiety. Now I fall asleep within half and hour and stay asleep most of the nights and feel refreshed in the morning. Not to mention that the blanket is very well stitched and the materials used inside the blanket are very fine and soft to touch. I can’t thank you enough for your good work in helping us.

Kevyl NXing / Facebook

I was so sceptical initially cause I thought ‘well it’s only a blanket’. I read so many reviews and eventually thought fudge it, why not? Best decision I’ve ever made. I love my weighted blanket so much. It’s done wonders for me. I don’t think I’ve ever fallen asleep so fast so consecutively in my life. And it just gives me a sense of calm and protection I didn’t have before. Definitely recommend.

Sarah Jayde / Facebook

I ordered a custom made weighted blanket for my little boy who loves planets in the sparkly space material- it’s so beautiful and the service was amazing! It was made and arrived super quick in time for Christmas. The blanket is very well made and I love that it is Machine washable. Highly recommend Calming Moments.

Rebekah Bradley / Facebook

I have A.D.D and bought a lap pad to sit on my lap at work to help me stay calm and focussed. I’m honestly so impressed with my entire purchase. The pad itself is fantastic and I am way less fidgety when I’m using it, the colour choices are great, and they’re really well made. But the best part by far is the customer service. Your order is updated with notes through the entire process so you know exactly what’s happening and when, and it’s clear the staff are passionate about what they do. Highly recommend.

Ashley Coleman / Facebook
5/5 (1 Review)