Weighted Blanket Sensory Minky – King Single Bed 108cm x 205cm

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Snuggle down in a soft, sensory minky weighted blanket. The raised dots are designed to stimulate the senses.

We have a literal rainbow of colour options available – so choose your favourite minky for the front and we’ll sew a matching 100% cotton back. That way you won’t be overloaded with tactile input but still have that firm deep pressure feeling against your skin.

Buy it in just 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Pick your blanket’s weight.

Step 2: Choose the minky colour that you love best.

Step 3: Then just add to cart and check out.


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Our snuggly soft sensory minky weighted blanket is designed to fit on top of a king single bed, with no overhang. This gives the best Deep Pressure Touch experience for people with sensory sensitivities.

Size: 108cm x 205cm

All Calming Moments’ premium weighted blankets and quilt inserts are manufactured to our high quality standards in Western Australia. They are all certified Australian-made.

Premium quality: designed to maximise the calming benefits of Deep Pressure Touch

We have engineered the sensory minky weighted blanket for a king single bed to optimise each weighted blanket’s Deep Pressure Touch action. This maximises the Deep Pressure Touch’s calming and soothing effect to help you go to sleep faster and sleep for longer.

  • Each blanket has evenly spaced, individually sewn pockets. These are each filled with an equal weight of our Australian-made micro glass beads. This means that the blanket’s weight is evenly distributed across your whole body.
  • The Australian-made glass beads are the size of mustard seeds with smooth edges. This means that you can’t feel any hard edges. And the glass is silent. This means that there is no rustling or whooshing noise to interrupt your rest.
  • As the glass beads are made in Australia, we know that they are made to this country’s high quality manufacturing standards. That means that you can be secure that there are no potentially toxic fillers chemicals. And that the beads are beads, not powdered glass or some other potentially harmful material.
  • The glass beads also have the advantage that they make the blanket compact and easy to fold up. This makes it easy to store and transport.
  • We fill each blanket with two layers of cotton wadding. This keeps the glass beads evenly spread through each pocket. It means the beads don’t “pool” in one corner. This maximises the Deep Pressure Touch effect on every part of your body.
  • FREE shipping Australia-wide.
  • Afterpay and Zippay available.
  • NDIS-registered provider.

Buy it in just 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Pick your blanket’s weight.

Step 2: Choose the minky colour that you love best.

Step 3: Then just add to cart and check out.


Working out what weight to order:

Occupational Therapist guidelines recommend the single bed weighted blankets be 10% of your body weight. So, if you weigh 60kg the ideal blanket would be 6kg. Use this handy calculator to work out the weight you need.


Weight2.5 kg
Dimensions30 × 30 × 5 cm
Weighted Blanket KG

2.5kg, 3.0kg, 3.5kg, 3.5 kg, 4.0kg, 4.0 kg, 4.5kg, 4.5 kg, 5.0kg, 5.5kg, 6.0kg, 6.5kg, 7.0kg, 7.5kg, 8.0kg, 8.5kg, 9.0kg, 9.5kg, 10.0kg, 10.5kg, 11.0kg, 11.5kg, 12.0kg

Fabric Back

Hot Pink Minky, Minky Aqua, Minky Black, Minky Burgundy, Minky Emerald Green, Minky Grey, Minky Lavender, Minky Navy, Minky Orange, Minky Royal Blue, Minky Yellow

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