Many of our customers are teachers who have found that using weighted blankets in their classrooms can help improve:

• Children’s focus and “time-on-seat” in the classroom;
• Their transitions between activities;
• Reduce the extent and intensity of meltdown episodes; and
• For the little ones: improve the quality of their rest during nap time.


What type of weighted blankets can schools find useful?

By and large, our school customers tell us that they use weighted lap blankets and the smaller travel blankets in the classroom.

Here are the three reasons that Calming Moments weighted blankets are safe and practical for daily use by children in the classroom.


Reason #1: They are safe

  • We source only Australian-made micro glass beads for the weights. That way you can be 100% sure that there are no toxic fillers that might cause long-term harm to your charges.
  • Our Mandurah, WA factory specialises in making weighted blankets specifically for children. You can buy our weighted blankets in a number of different weights from the 1,5kg travel blanket up to 12 kg in 0,5kg increments. That way you don’t ever run the risk of having a child injured – or worse – because their weighted blanket was too heavy.


Reason #2: They are practical

  • All our weighted blankets are machine-washable on gentle cycle. Because you shouldn’t have to spend your time hand-washing when mess happens.
  • Our cool cotton weighted blankets are made for Australia’s warm climate. 


Reason #3: We have 7 different sizes to choose from

  • Our weighted blankets for children range from small lap blankets (great for helping concentration) to travel blankets, singles, king singles, doubles, queen and king size.


All Calming Moments’ premium weighted blankets and quilt inserts are manufactured to our high quality standards in Western Australia. They are all certified Australian-made.

Australian-made calming anti-anxiety therapy blankets

Certified Australian-made

calming anti-anxiety weighted lap pad

Each order custom-made

Calming ant-anxiety therapy blanket

Widest selection of fabrics, prints and colours

We make each blanket individually. That means you can choose the fabric type and colour you love best.

  • Plus, we can make your weighted blanket completely unique by embroidering your name on it.
  • Our unique Calming 2-year guarantee covers every blanket. This means that we will repair or replace your weighted blanket for free in the unlikely event that the stitching breaks. No other weighted blanket offers this guarantee.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here are some of the reviews from our wonderful customers on our Testimonials page.

Michele Hobbs recommends Calming Moments


25 February 2020

I purchased one of your lovely travel blankets for my daughter.

She has loved it in the car and seems to be helping her anxiety easier to manage which in turn makes it easier for me. Your service was amazing and very fast

Chantelle Wingate recommends   Calming Moments


31 October 2019

We recently purchased a buddy blanket! Absolutely love it fantastic quality and super fast post.

Was also a massive help keeping my son’s anxiety levels down for a recent trip to the city and a sleep study. Perfect travel size as well!!! also the customer service is above and beyond! Looking forward to making a future purchases! Thanks Calming Moments ❤️

Emma Briggs recommends Calming Moments

Anti-anxiety calming therapy weighted blanket for insomnia

4 April 2019

This is a very belated thank you.

Last year I ordered a weighted insert for my son’s bed and a travel blanket. It is still very much loved and I’m very pleased with them. It is perfect for in the car to calm down and keeps him entertained every now and then when he plays i-spy with it. 

They look great and the quality has been wonderful and long-lasting.

Thank you again. 

Lynette Madge recommends Calming Moments

Anti-anxiety calming therapy weighted blanket for insomnia

23 May 2018

The quality of your weighted blanket is amazing. The pellets are very fine and very user friendly which is really important for my ASD kids who don’t like bumps. 

The workmanship is also excellent.

Our OTs hadn’t even heard of your company so we are happily singing your praises and spreading the word.

Integrity in business and especially in supports for special needs people is really appreciated!

Amanda Coleman recommends Calming Moments

Anti-anxiety calming therapy weighted blanket for insomnia

16 May 2018

This is a very belated thank you.

Can’t thank you enough for my son’s weighted blanket. Beautifully and well made and very quick to arrive.

He sleeps so much better now. Wish I’d bought one years ago!

Rebecca Rachel recommends Calming Moments

Anti-anxiety calming therapy weighted blanket for insomnia

21 August 2016

I ordered a 2kg lap blanket for my son’s birthday in June. It is now one of the most important things we own and goes everywhere with him.

We use it over his body during nappy changes, round his shoulders during toiletting and over his lap when sitting.

The blanket is beautifully made and I love the funky monkey print.

Will probably invest in a larger size blanket soon. Very highly recommended. 

And if all of this is not enough, we’ll give your school two of our amazing “Emotions” posters when you spend $300 or more.

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