Weighted Blankets for Schools

Many of our customers are teachers who have found that using weighted blankets in their classrooms can help improve:

• Children’s focus and “time-on-seat” in the classroom;
• Their transitions between activities;
• Reduce the extent and intensity of meltdown episodes; and
• For the little ones: improve the quality of their rest during nap time.

What type of weighted blankets can schools find useful?

By and large, our school customers tell us that they use weighted lap blankets and the smaller travel blankets in the classroom.

Here are the three reasons that Calming Moments weighted blankets are safe and practical for daily use by children in the classroom.


Reason #1: They are safe

  • Our Mandurah, WA factory specialises in making weighted blankets specifically for children. You can buy our weighted blankets in a number of different weights from the 1,5kg travel blanket up to 12 kg in 0,5kg increments. That way you don’t ever run the risk of having a child injured – or worse – because their weighted blanket was too heavy.

Reason #2: They are practical

  • All our weighted blankets are machine-washable on gentle cycle. Because you shouldn’t have to spend your time hand-washing when mess happens.
  • Plus we have easy-clean vinyl weighted lap blankets available.

Reason #3: We have 8 different sizes to choose from

  • Our weighted blankets for children range from small lap blankets (great for helping concentration) to travel blankets, toddler beds, singles, king singles, doubles, queen and king size.

All Calming Moments’ premium weighted blankets and quilt inserts are manufactured to our high quality standards in Western Australia. They are all certified Australian-made.

Australian-made calming anti-anxiety therapy blankets

Certified Australian-made

calming anti-anxiety weighted lap pad

Each order custom-made

Calming ant-anxiety therapy blanket

Widest selection of fabrics, prints and colours

We make each blanket individually. That means you can choose the fabric type and colour you love best.

  • Plus, we can make your weighted blanket completely unique by embroidering your name on it.
  • Our unique Calming 2-year guarantee covers every blanket. This means that we will repair or replace your weighted blanket for free in the unlikely event that the stitching breaks. No other weighted blanket offers this guarantee.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here are some of the reviews from our wonderful customers on our Testimonials page.


  • We have a wide range of printed cottons with popular themes and characters, such as dinosaurs, unicorns and super heroes.
  • We make our weighted blankets on over 20 different weights so that children can get the correct weight blanket to help them feel less anxious.
  • We also make a range of weighted toys and weighted jackets/ vests.
  • And OTs recommend our blankets for their quality and durability.

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