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Single Bed Weighted Quilt Insert

"He has told me on the last two nights he has fallen asleep within 15 minutes of turning his light off…amazing! "


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Size: 140cm x 200cm

Our beautiful calico weighted Single Bed Weighted Quilt Inserts mean you can get all the calm of a weighted blanket in the convenience of your own doona cover.


Step 1: Choose Your Single Bed Blanket Weight (kg) Clear

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Size: 140cm x 200cm

This Single Bed Weighted Quilt Insert is a discrete replacement for an ordinary doona or duvet. It fits inside an ordinary doona cover so that you can have a calming blanket that matches your home decor.


Our weighted quilt inserts are made of bleached calico.


Available colours:



How it’s made:

  • Each weighted quilt insert’s calming effect comes from its weight. This comes from filling each quilt insert with the correct weight of micro glass beads.
  • The glass beads are the size of mustard seeds with smooth edges.
  • Each quilt insert has evenly spaced, individually sewn pockets. These are each filled with an equal weight of micro glass beads. This means that the quilt insert’s weight is evenly distributed across your whole body.
  • We fill each quilt insert with two layers of cotton wadding. This keeps the glass beads evenly spread through each pocket.


Care instructions:
This single bed weighted quilt insert is machine-washable on cold, gentle cycle.


  • Step 1: Choose Your Single Bed Blanket Weight (kg)
  • 1.5kg: Your Weight 11kg-15kg, 2.0kg: Your Weight 16kg-20kg, 2.5kg: Your Weight 21kg-25kg, 3.0kg: Your Weight 26kg-30kg, 3.5kg: Your Weight 31kg-35kg, 4.0kg: Your Weight 36kg-40kg, 4.5kg: Your Weight 41kg-45kg, 5.0kg: Your Weight 46kg-50kg, 5.5kg: Your Weight 51kg-55kg, 6.0kg: Your Weight 56kg-60kg, 6.5kg: Your Weight 61kg-65kg, 7.0kg: Your Weight 66kg-70kg, 7.5kg: Your Weight 71kg-75kg, 8.0kg: Your Weight 76kg-80kg, 8.5kg: Your Weight 81kg-85kg, 9.0kg: Your Weight 86kg-90kg, 9.5kg: Your Weight 91kg-95kg, 10.0kg: Your Weight 96kg-100kg, 10.5kg: Your Weight 101kg-105kg, 11.0kg: Your Weight 106kg-110kg, 11.5kg: Your Weight 111kg-115kg, 12.0kg: Your Weight 116kg+

All weighted blankets receive free shipping Australia-wide. It will take 2-3 days to prepare your order and then the below estimated shipping times as per Australia Post.

State Delivery Estimate
ACT 6-7 Business Days
NSW 6-7 Business Days
NT 10-11+ Business Days
QLD 6-7 Business Days
SA 5-7 Business Days
VIC 6-8 Business Days
WA 2-5 Business Days

The only weighted quilt inserts certified by the Australian-made campaign

We make each Single Bed Weighted Quilt Insert of bleached calico. We manufacture them in our factory in Mandurah, WA with love and care.


We are the only weighted blanket manufacturer certified “Australian-made” by the Australian Made Campaign.


This means that you can trust:

  • Our premium quality promise;
  • That our staff are treated and paid fairly, in accordance with Australia’s high legislated standards;
  • That we use solar power to make our weighted blankets; and
  • That we use as many locally sourced inputs as we can.


Which all means that Calming Moments’ weighted quilt inserts can help you:

✅   Feel calmer and less anxious; and

✅   Sleep better.

Calm Anxiety Away


Just a feeling of calm, peace, being more rested and in control.

Calming Moments’ premium quality weighted quilt inserts:

Improve Sleep
Reduce Stress
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Julie H

My son received his 6.5kg quilt insert on Tuesday and after a night adjusting, has woken the last two mornings saying, “best sleep ever.”

The quilt is a high quality product and slipped into his new quilt cover perfectly. My son is not autistic but suffers from high anxiety levels and would often not fall asleep til well after midnight. He has told me on the last two nights he has fallen asleep within 15 minutes of turning his light off…amazing!

Pleased doesn’t come close to describing how happy I am with finding Calming Moments products.

Jess B

Fantastic blanket. I weigh 60kg, and sometimes find the 6kg weight it a tad *too* heavy, as a suggestion to others who might be on the edge of two weight options.

I’m someone who sleeps much better with a weight on me, which can be tricky in summer, and this fits the bill excellently. A sheet, and this in a doona cover, and I’m going to sleep soundly! (I had initially planned to just use the insert without a cover, but there’s something ‘hard’ feeling about it with just a sheet, so I’m going to use it as intended 🙂

I was very impressed with how fast it came, and how responsive Calming Moments was via email.

Emma S

I have been very hesitant about purchasing a weighted blanket due to the cost.

I am so glad that we invested in one our son loves it! He is sleeping better throughout the night and is more calm when we put him to bed.

We opted for the insert as it is rather hot here in tropical North Queensland which we have put inside a cover for him. We have found that the blanket it not hot and he is comfortable using it with his fan.

I like how quickly our order was made and sent to us and love that shipping is free 🙂

I highly recommend this company due to the quality of product and the excellent customer service. Thank you so much !

Annalisse J

I recently purchased a weighted blanket insert for my son with Autism and ADHD.

He would normally take well over an hour to fall asleep at night constantly getting up and just being very restless.

On the first night of using the weighted blanket he was asleep within 30 minutes and was not restless at all.

He was very excited that he was able to still use his favourite doona cover. Very happy with the blanket and also the service. Thank you!

Jan L

My son is a restless sleeper and tends to kick at night which causes him to wake up.

The doctor suggested we try a weighted blanket to help soothe him.

While it hasn’t been a miracle fix it has helped improve the quality of his sleep and made it more difficult for him to kick off his covers in the middle of the night.

Great quality, excellent service and really affordable pricing. Thank you!!

Alecia SA

I purchased this blanket for my son who is autistic and to my amazement within days I saw a change in his ability to sleep.

He slept throughout the night, wasn’t restless and unsettled at all and in addition to usually needing all his toys to help produce the weight he wanted on his bed, the multiple and consistant cuddles throughout the night because of sensory issues and anxiety.

He is now happy to sleep with a singular toy to cuddle through the night and don’t have the levels of anxiety he was dealing with during the night.

It’s like a massive cuddle blanket for him. Its very well made and sturdy.

Great for anyone out there who wants a blanket that is durable and brilliantly made.

Wendy T

Good quality blanket. We have only had it a few days but it does seem to be helping with getting my son settled at night – he is no longer up and down for an hour or longer after lights out.

Ky W

Had tears in my eyes when opening the weight blanket, so soft and not having beads rolling around, just looks like a normal bed quilt so my girls don’t feel different.

Totally amazing quality and looking at ordering more for my other children. Thank you so much.

Drea D

We bought the 7.5kg king quilt insert for our bed and it is so amazing!

My husband is sleeping so much better (and is generally an insomniac) and I just never want to get out of bed!!

Best purchase yet, worth every penny!

Anthea M

I received my Calming Moments Shoulder Soother and Quilt Insert a few days ago and I can’t even imagine life before them!

Adoring the shoulder soother when sitting for long hours doing uni work and the amazing night’s sleep the insert has given me is UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

I feel less anxious and uptight within minutes.

LOVE LOVE LOVE #lifechanging #bestisolifepurchase

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