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Emotions Cotton Weighted Lap Pad for Girls

"Exceptional customer service and a product that is second to none. We have been through a lot of lap blankets before stumbling upon Calming Moments and I’m honestly blown away by the quality. Absolutely superb."


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This Emotions weighted lap pad helps reduce anxiety, improve focus and gives your child an easy way to explain explain how she is feeling.


Step 1: Choose Your Lap Pad Size and Weight
Step 2: Pick Your Emotions' Avatar
Emotions Girl 1
Emotions Girl 2
Emotions Girl 3
Emotions Girl 4
Step 3: Select the Fabric for the Back
Airforce blue
Aqua cotton swatch
Baby Blue cotton swatch
Baby Pink Cotton Swatch
Hot Pink Cotton Swatch
Beige Cotton Swatch
Black Cotton Swatch
Burgundy Cotton Swatch
Dark Grey Cotton
Light grey cotton swatch
Emerald Green Cotton Swatch
Lime green cotton swatch
Navy blue cotton
Royal blue cotton swatch
Purple cotton swatch
Lavender cotton
Red cotton swatch
Satsuma cotton swatch
White cotton
Sensory minky aqua
Sensory minky weighted blankets
Sensory minky baby pink
Beige sensory minky
Black sensory minky
Brown sensory minky
Burgundy sensory minky
Hot pink sensory minky
Light grey sensory minky
Lime green sensory minky
Midnight blue sensory minky
Navy blue sensory minky
Orange sensory minky
Pale yellow sensory minky
Red sensory minky
Royal blue sensory minky
Toffee sensory minky
Violet sensory minky
White sensory minky
Yellow sensory minky
Aqua smooth minky
Baby blue smooth minky
Baby pink smooth minky
Dark grey smooth minky
Hot pink smooth minky
Lavender smooth minky
Navy smooth minky
Peach smooth minky
Red smooth minky
Violet smooth minky
White smooth minky
Yellow smooth minky
Black smooth minky fabric for a weighted blanket


Certified Australian-made. Premium Quality Guaranteed

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Many children find it hard to express their feelings. Sometimes simply things like “I’m feeling angry” or “I’m feeling hot” may be hard for them to explain. This adds to a situation’s stress. This Emotions weighted lap blanket for girls helps reduce anxiety and gives your child an easy way to explain explain how they are feeling.


The Emotions weighted lap blanket for girls comes printed with 10 emotions to express how they currently feel or if they need help.


This durable, washable fabric that can sit on your child’s lap or on their desk when not needed. It can be folded or scrunched up without it damaging the print.


The cute design makes children want to use them or look at the faces to describe how they are feeling.


They are also fully washable.


These are lined for durability with triple stitching and filled with our super quite micro glass beads. The printing is professionally dyed into the fabric to ensure that washing doesn’t erase it.


This is a unique Calming Moments product, with our own designed characters.


Blanket Sizes are

  • Small 50x36cm approx & weighs 1kg suggested for 2 – 4 year olds
  • Medium 60x40cm approx & weighs 1.5kg suggested for 5 – 7 year olds
  • Large 70x44cm approx & weighs 2kg suggested for 8 – 9 year olds
  • Extra-Large 70x44cm approx & weighs 3kg suggested for 9 – 16 year olds


Please allow 2-3 days to prepare product for shipping

  • Step 1: Choose Your Lap Pad Size and Weight
  • Small 1.0kg rec for 2 – 4 year olds, Medium 1.5kg rec for 5 – 7 year olds, Large 2.0kg rec for 8 – 9 year olds, Extra-large 3.0kg rec for 10 – 16 year olds

  • Step 2: Pick Your Emotions' Avatar
  • Girl 1, Girl 2, Girl 3, Girl 4

  • Step 3: Select the Fabric for the Back
  • Cotton Airforce Blue, Cotton Aqua, Cotton Baby Blue, Cotton Baby Pink, Cotton Hot Pink, Cotton Beige, Cotton Black, Cotton Burgundy, Cotton Dark Grey, Cotton Light Grey, Cotton Emerald Green, Cotton Lime Green, Cotton Navy Blue, Cotton Royal Blue, Cotton Purple, Cotton Lavender, Cotton Red, Cotton Orange, Cotton Satsuma, Cotton White, Sensory Minky Aqua, Sensory Minky Baby Blue, Sensory Minky Baby Pink, Sensory Minky Beige, Sensory Minky Black, Sensory Minky Brown, Sensory Minky Burgundy, Sensory Minky Hot Pink, Sensory Minky Light Grey, Sensory Minky Lime Green, Sensory Minky Midnight Blue, Sensory Minky Navy Blue, Sensory Minky Orange, Sensory Minky Pale Yellow, Sensory Minky Red, Sensory Minky Royal Blue, Sensory Minky Toffee, Sensory Minky Violet, Sensory Minky White, Sensory Minky Yellow, Smooth Minky Aqua, Smooth Minky Baby Blue, Smooth Minky Baby Pink, Smooth Minky Dark Grey, Smooth Minky Hot Pink, Smooth Minky Lavender, Smooth Minky Light Grey, Smooth Minky Navy Blue, Smooth Minky Peach, Smooth Minky Red, Smooth Minky Violet, Smooth Minky White, Smooth Minky Yellow, Smooth Minky Black

All weighted blankets receive free shipping Australia-wide. It will take 2-3 days to prepare your order and then the below estimated shipping times as per Australia Post.

State Delivery Estimate
ACT 6-7 Business Days
NSW 6-7 Business Days
NT 10-11+ Business Days
QLD 6-7 Business Days
SA 5-7 Business Days
VIC 6-8 Business Days
WA 2-5 Business Days

Weighted lap pads help people focus at school, work and home

Weighted lap pads provide a feeling of comfort and security that helps prevent feelings of overwhelm and loss of attention.


They do this by providing gentle, firm Deep Pressure Touch.


Deep Pressure Touch deactivates the “Fight or Flight” response to calm both the body and mind. This, in turn, helps keep you focused and “on-task”.


And the Emotions weighted lap pads also help children take the first steps to developing Emotional Intelligence as it helps them identify their feelings.

Learn more about how Calming Moments' Emotions weighted lap pads can help

The only weighted lap pads certified by the Australian-made campaign

We are the only weighted blanket manufacturer certified “Australian-made” by the Australian Made Campaign.


This means that you can trust:

  • Our premium quality promise;
  • That our staff are treated and paid fairly, in accordance with Australia’s high legislated standards;
  • That we use solar power to make our weighted blankets; and
  • That we use as many locally sourced inputs as we can.


Which all means that Calming Moments’ weighted lap pads can help you:

✅   Stay focused; and

✅   Feel calmer and less anxious.

Jodie R

I recently purchased 2 of these emotion lap weighted blankets , a boy and a girl one , and donated them to my sons day options centre he attends.

They were rapped to get them. Beautifully made and I am sure they will be used and looked at well 🙂

Rebecca C

Exceptional customer service and a product that is second to none.

We have been through a lot of lap blankets before stumbling upon Calming Moments and I’m honestly blown away by the quality.

Absolutely superb.

Carenne School

Have purchased a number of weighted lap blankets for my school.

All very well made and are very high quality. We wash them and really give them a work out!

Great service from Calming Moments, easy website and quick to receive our orders. Thanks for supporting our kids!

Missy V

The weighted lap blanket is perfect.

Lovely, soft material and just the right amount of distributed weight.

The quality is amazing and the personalised embroidery is a really nice touch.

Rebecca R

I ordered a 2kg lap blanket for my son’s birthday in June. It is now one of the most important things we own and goes everywhere with him.

We use it over his body during nappy changes, round his shoulders during toiletting and over his lap when sitting.

The blanket is beautifully made and I love the funky monkey print.

Will probably invest in a larger size blanket soon. Very highly recommended.

Casey D

My lap blanket arrived for my 4yr old daughter with SPD on Monday, she has asked to use her blanket at every opportunity since, I think she can already feel it helping her so is using it to self regulate already.


Jemima A

Have purchased 2 lap blankets from Calming Moments. They have been made and shipped really quickly and we have been really happy with the quality.

My sons use them on their laps on the way to school for some deep pressure input to help their bodies be ready for school.

Jules A

This is the second one I have purchased, and I love the new bigger size that’s now available!

I adore that you can create so many combinations, and both I have bought have been perfect for each child.

Diane W

Great soft fabric! Have the ability to put one’s personal name on it is very handy when or if its use is in a classroom setting.

The size is perfect too.

Suzi O

I bought this weighted lap blanket for my daughter who has been struggling at school.

It was so beautifully made, so thank you Calming Moments.

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