Design-Your-Own Queen Bed Weighted Blanket


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Design your own Queen bed weighted blanket to soothe the feelings of anxiety and overwhelm away.

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Size: 146cm x 205cm

This Design-Your-Own weighted blanket is designed to fit on top of a Queen bed, with no overhang. This gives the best calming effect to people with sensory sensitivities.


This Design-Your-Own weighted blanket for a Queen Size bed has a front of your choice of printed cotton. Pick your favourite colour in cotton, sensory minky or smooth minky for the back.

For the back, choose:

  • Cotton if you want a breathable, natural fabric. We recommend cotton for “hot sleepers”;
  • Sensory minky if you like to stroke textures to self-soothe; or
  • Smooth minky for a luxurious and snuggly blanket.


Available designs:

Dark Blue Blocks, Large Owls, Playground.

Don’t see a fabric you like? Contact us at and we’ll source it for you.

How we make it:

We make this Design-Your-Own Queen Bed Weighted Blanket in Greenfields, Western Australia.

  • Each weighted blanket’s calming effect comes from its weight. This comes from filling each blanket with the correct weight of micro glass beads.
  • The glass beads are the size of mustard seeds with smooth edges.
  • Each blanket has evenly spaced, individually sewn pockets. We fill each one with an equal weight of micro glass beads. This means that the blanket’s weight is evenly distributed across your whole body.
  • We fill each blanket with two layers of cotton wadding. This keeps the glass beads evenly spread through each pocket.


Care instructions:

You can machine-wash this Design-Your-Own Queen Bed Weighted Blanket on cold, gentle cycle.

Additional information

Weight 12.1 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 40 cm
Choose your Queen blanket weight (kg)

4.0kg: User Weight up to 25kg, 5.0kg: User Weight 26kg-35kg, 6.0kg: User Weight 36kg-45kg, 7.0kg: User Weight 46kg-55kg, 8.0kg: User Weight 56kg-65kg, 9.0kg: User Weight 66kg-75kg, 10.0kg: User Weight 76kg-85kg, 11.0kg: User Weight 86kg-95kg, 12.0kg: User Weight 96kg+

Pick the fabric for the front

Dark Blue Blocks, Large Owls

Select the fabric for the back

Cotton Baby Pink, Cotton Hot Pink, Cotton Beige, Cotton Black, Cotton Burgundy, Cotton Emerald Green, Cotton Lime Green, Cotton Royal Blue, Cotton Purple, Cotton Red, Cotton Gold, Cotton Orange, Cotton Satsuma, Sensory Minky Baby Blue, Sensory Minky Baby Pink, Sensory Minky Beige, Sensory Minky Black, Sensory Minky Brown, Sensory Minky Hot Pink, Sensory Minky Lavender, Sensory Minky Light Grey, Sensory Minky Lime Green, Sensory Minky Midnight Blue, Sensory Minky Navy Blue, Sensory Minky Orange, Sensory Minky Red, Sensory Minky Royal Blue, Sensory Minky Toffee, Sensory Minky White, Smooth Minky Aqua, Smooth Minky Baby Blue, Smooth Minky Baby Pink, Smooth Minky Dark Grey, Smooth Minky Hot Pink, Smooth Minky Lavender, Smooth Minky Lime Green, Smooth Minky Light Grey, Smooth Minky Peach, Smooth Minky Red, Smooth Minky Violet, Smooth Minky White, Smooth Minky Yellow


Calming Moments


Calming Moments


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2-Year Guarantee

We cover all Calming Moments’ weighted lap pads with a 2-year guarantee.

This means we will repair or replace it in the unusual event that the stitching breaks.

Which weight?

Please use the guidance below to help you choose the best weight for your weighted lap pad.

  • Small 50x36cm; weighs 1kg suggested for 2 – 4 year olds
  • Medium 60x40cm; weighs 1.5kg suggested for 5 – 7 year olds
  • Large 70x44cm; weighs 2kg suggested for 8 – 9 year olds
  • Extra Large 70x44cm; weighs 3kg suggested for 9 – 16 year olds
  • Jumbo 75x50cm; weighs 4kg suggested for 16 year old +
  • Super-Jumbo 75x50cm; weighs 5kg suggested for highly sensory-seeking adults.

Care instructions

All Calming Moments’ weighted lap pads (or lap blankets) are completely machine-washable on cold, gentle cycle if your machine can take the weight.

If not, please take it to a laundromat and wash it there. Please do not tumble dry or dry clean.

Line dry or dry it flat.


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Our Aussie team custom-makes each weighted lap so that it will calm and relax you. We make them for people with:

  • Severe anxiety that hurts their ability to experience joy;
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD);
  • Neurodivergence, including Autism and ADHD;
  • Difficulties in concentrating or sitting still.
  • Dementia;
  • Sensory processing difficulties;
  • Big feelings of overwhelm that make it difficult to be calm and present; and
  • Depression.

To get the calming effect, just put the weighted lap pad on your lap. Then continue with whatever you were doing.

You can use it at work or school to help improve focus and productivity.

Use it in the car to feel calmer.

And it’s great for relaxing at home while reading, watching TV or doing a hobby.

The weight is supplied by micro glass beads.

These are incredibly fine and – unlike poly pellets – have no sharp edges that could disturb your focus.

They are also silent, unlike poly pellets that can make whooshing and rustling noises.

You can wash your weighted lap pad on cold, gentle cycle. Dry it flat or on the line.

Please do not tumble dry.

Yes the NDIS does fund weighted products in some circumstances. You can find out more information here.