Coloured Sensory Compression Sheet – Single Bed


Or $22.25 in 4 instalments with Afterpay or Zippay. This soft and comfortable sensory compression sheet (or bed sock) is made from nylon and lycra. The stretchy fabric provides calming pressure that helps you sleep.

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Tired of drawn-out bedtimes or your child frequently waking up during the night? This coloured sensory compression sheet is a cost-effective way to help them sleep better. And that means better moods and concentration during the day.

This sensory compression sheet (or bed sock) is like a tube that goes over a mattress. It is a great alternative to a weighted blanket – especially during Australia’s hottest summer months. Or for people who dislike the heaviness of a weighted blanket.

The stretchy fabric provides soothing Deep Pressure Touch. This pressure feels like a hug.

It acts on the body’s central nervous system to calm anxiety and help you sleep better.

The high quality nylon and lycra fabric is soft, but tough. It is both comfortable and durable.

  • It stretches over the single bed like a tube, leaving two open ends. This means the feet can be under the sheet or outside if they’re sensitive. It also helps stop wriggly sleepers from falling out of bed.
  • It’s super-stretchy and very comfortable to sleep in.
  • The nylon/ lycra mix is cool and breathable.
  • It is overlocked.
  • The seams and edges are soft and elastic, so they won’t irritate sensory-sensitive people.
  • You can machine-wash this coloured sensory compression sheet on cold, gentle cycle.

Size: fits a single bed. Please note that this single bed sensory compression sheet cannot be used with extra-thick or pillow-top mattresses.

This product is not suitable for children under the age of 2.

Who It’s For:

This stretchy lycra compression sheet is for people who find it difficult to unwind and calm their minds and bodies for sleep. This can be due to sensory processing sensitivities or an overwhelmed nervous system.

So you can cut the time it takes to fall asleep from hours to minutes.

People who will benefit from using the compression sheet include people with:

  • Neurodivergence, including Autism and ADHD;
  • Insomnia;
  • PTSD; and
  • Sensory processing difficulties.

Why Buy a Calming Moments’ Sensory Compression Sheet?

This premium quality sensory compression sheet works by squeezing your body to provide calming Proprioceptive Input. Here are three reasons to get yours’ today:

Calming pressure without the weight
Machine-washable on cold cycle
Sensory compression sheets are great for Australia's hot summers.
Great for Australia’s hot summers

How the Sensory Compression Sheet Works

The “stretch” in the lycra sheet acts on the body to provide “Deep Pressure Touch”. (Deep Pressure Touch is also sometimes called Proprioceptive Input.)

Deep Pressure Touch or Proprioceptive Input is a firm but gentle consistent pressure. It triggers two responses in the body that bring feelings of reduced anxiety.

It firstly shuts off the body’s “fight or flight” instinct that is governed by the sympathetic nervous system.

It then activates the parasympathetic nervous system. This causes both the breathing rate and heart rate to slow and the muscles relax.

The end result is that you feel more relaxed and less anxious. And so it is easier to sleep.

How to Use It:

You pull the compression sheet over and around the mattress. It encloses the mattress like a tube.

You then get into the bed under the sheet and relax as though you are in a sleeping bag.

The calming Deep Pressure Touch will act to calm your body and mind and help you relax and sleep.

It’s easy to remove for washing as well.

You can machine-wash the sensory compression sheet on cold, gentle cycle. Leave to dry flat or on the line.

Australia’s Number 1 Compression Sheet

Calming Moments is dedicated to selling only the highest quality, long-lasting products. So that you can sleep better at night, feeling safe and secure.

Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 3 cm
Choose your sensory compression sheet

Blue, Grey, Lime Green, Magenta


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Care instructions

You can machine-wash the compression sheet on cold, gentle cycle. Please line-dry or dry flat. Do not tumble dry.


These premium quality lycra sheets are for people who find that heightened levels of anxiety and overwhelm make it difficult for them to relax or sleep.

They may be sensory-resistant and dislike the weight of a weighted blanket but still crave the relaxing effect of proprioceptive input.

And we recommend them for anyone with sensory sleep issues during Australia’s hottest months.

The stretchy lycra presses down on your body. This soothing pressure is called proprioceptive input or Deep Pressure Touch.

It acts on the central nervous system to switch off your “fight or flight” response.

It then slows your breathing and heart rates.

Lastly, it triggers your brain to release feel-good neurotransmitters and hormones. These include serotonin – the sleep hormone.

Wash on cold, gentle cycle and line dry. Please do not tumble dry.

The NDIS does fund sensory compression sheets. Please fill out the form on the NDIS funding tab on this page and we’ll send an invoice.