Calming Moments is a registered NDIS provider (registration ID 4-F50DKNV). We are approved for these supports:

  • Assistive Products Personal Care/ Safety; and
  • Assistive Equipment for Recreation – All Other Equipment.

Please read the following to use your allocated funding to buy from Calming Moments.

Please note, we cannot refund orders that have been paid by the NDIS. 

All weighted blankets need to be approved directly by the NDIS. Please ask your medical professional (usually an OT or mental healthcare worker) to complete this assessment form and submit it to the NDIS or send it to kirsty@calmingmoments.com.au.


NDIS-funded orders should be checked out from our online store

Plan-Managed NDIS Participants

If you are plan-managed by an agency or third party, the plan manager pays us directly for the products.

Please place items in the cart and checkout using the NDIS Plan-Managed option.

Please fill out the required information, including the NDIS details and your plan manager’s e-mail address.

We will send them an invoice. We will process your order once we receive payment.


NDIA-Managed NDIS Participants

If you are NDIA-managed, please place items in your cart. then checkout online using the NDIS NDIA-Managed Option. Please provide us with the required NDIS information.

We will submit the claim to the NDIA directly for you through the portal.

We will despatch your order once the payment is approved and received. 

Self-managed NDIS Participants

If you are self-managed, please order privately from the website.

(Please do not use either of the NDIS checkout options.)

Use any of the non-NDIS payment options and then you can submit your claim to NDIA yourself. (Alternatively, fill out the form below if you would like to be invoiced before purchase.)