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Children can use weighted blankets to help keep them calm and focused in the classroom

How Kids Can Use Weighted Blankets to Calm Themselves at School

Quick and Easy Ways to Improve Focus and Attention at School – Without an Adult’s Help

Children with sensory needs fall into two camps. Those who are:

  • Sensory seeking because they need some form of stimulation to be able to make sense of the world around them.
  • Easily overwhelmed by sensory stimulation such as loud noise and find that their minds and bodies almost shut down and that they can’t cope.

In both cases, Occupational Therapists prescribe “proprioceptive input”.

In a nutshell, proprioceptive activities mean moving muscles and joints – preferably with some kind of weight bearing or resistance.

The most effective are activities that use the big muscle groups, like crawling, push-ups or running.

But these are not always appropriate in the classroom.

Weighted Blankets and Lap Pads Can Help

Weighted blankets are filled with some type of beads that make them heavy.

This weight gives what Occupational Therapists call Deep Pressure Touch.

Deep Pressure Touch is a form of proprioceptive input that has been clinically proven to calm the body and mind.

Children generally use two types of weighted blankets during the school day:

  • A small cot-size weighted blanket (often called a travel blanket); and
  • A weighted lap pad or lap blanket.

Weighted Travel Blankets: The Ultimate Comfort Blanket in a Classroom

Weighted Blanket made with Licensed Paw patrol fabric

Travel weighted blankets are smaller than bed blankets.

This means that they are compact and can be easily taken with you or stored in a classroom.

Younger children can use them during their nap time.

The calming Deep Pressure Touch from the weight helps relax them so they can go to sleep quickly and easily.

It also means that they will sleep better during their nap.

Weighted Lap Pads: An Easy Way to Improve Focus in a Classroom

Weighted lap blankets or pads are the size of a tray and sit on a person’s lap or legs.

Their weight provides soothing Deep Pressure Touch, which slows breathing and the heart rate.

This, in turn, means that the child using it feels less stressed and overwhelmed and is more able to concentrate.

Some teachers have also noted that they make transitions between activities easier as well.

Character weighted lap pad made with licensed Frozen fabric

What Do Weighted Blankets and Lap Pads Need to Work?

Weighted blankets should be a specific weight relative to the user’s body to provide the best soothing effect.

For travel blankets, we recommend using 10% of body weight, in line with Occupational Therapist recommendations.

For lap blankets, we recommend the following sizes and weights:

Small 50x36cm & weighs 1kg suggested for 2 – 4 year olds;
Medium 60x40cm & weighs 1.5kg suggested for 5 – 7 year olds;
Large 70x44cm & weighs 2kg suggested for 8 – 9 year olds;
Extra Large 70x44cm & weighs 3kg suggested for 9 – 16 year olds;
Jumbo 75x50cm weighs 4kg suggested for 16 year old +
Super-Jumbo 75x50cm; weighs 5kg suggested for highly sensory-seeking adults.
At Calming Moments, we specialise in making weighted blankets for children. We make them with love and care with the right weight your child needs.

This means that they have the best calming effect for each unique body AND they are safe to use.

Calming Moments’ Weighted Blankets Can Help Children Focus Better in the Classroom

We’ve found that children are more likely to use their weighted blanket at school if they love how it feels and looks.

That’s why we stock a wide range of fabrics – including tactile sensory minky, plush smooth minky, plain coloured cotton and a host of printed cottons. These prints include licensed fabrics with some favourite kids’ characters including super heroes, dinosaurs, unicorns, sharks and TV/ movie characters including Dumbo, Frozen, Paw Patrol and PJ Masks.

And Calming Moments’ proprietary Emotions weighted lap pads can help children identify their emotions in the moment. This helps them better self-regulate. Now available in eight different diverse avatars in both cotton and smooth minky.

Mums love that:

  • All our weighted blankets are machine-washable on cold, gentle cycle;
  • We have Afterpay and Zippay available for instalment payments; and
  • Shipping is FREE Australia-wide

What Our Customers Say:

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You get what you pay for

The blanket looks like it will last a long time, quality is good.

Overall very happy with purchase!

Customer service fantastic! Manufacture and dispatch extremely prompt. Product is of excellent quality. Only drawback is that the material used has a faint urine-like smell, so I’m going to wash it per instructions.


Very good. Fast delivery. Is very good quality used every day at school for my son. And washed weekly and colour hasn’t faded.

Use it all the time

Actually had one of these already but it was taken from me at security when I tried to take it on board with my for an international flight 😥 but now I have this one which is even better because one side is cotton, which feels better for me sensory-wise. Definitely something I use every day and I'm really glad there was a 5kg option because every other site I've been to only has little ones for kids. I'd 100% recommend it to anyone, worth all of my money (twice!)

Very relaxing to use - I wish I'd bought one sooner!

This shoulder wrap is so well made and it really helps me unwind. It instantly helps to relax the shoulder muscles and then after about 10 minutes of wearing it I feel a sudden whole body relaxation effect kick in. I highly recommend it.


I use this ALL THE TIME. I bring it to work, I use it anytime I'm sitting at home, I use it to help me settle down at night when I go to sleep. This instantly calms and grounds me. The material and weight is perfect.

Excellent quality

The quality is excellent, and it was made and posted very quickly. My son loves the textured fabric and lap blankets are much easier to move around the house and use in different locations than full size weighted blankets. We absolutely love it, thanks you!

chew chew


a better nights sleep

It is perfect, my daughter who has sensory concerns sleeps better, this is her 2nd blanket from Calming Moments has she has grown.

Absolutely amazing

We could not be happier with the results from buying this sensory sheet. Little miss asd sleeps so much better. The quality of the sheet is amazing and we plan on getting a back up sheet.

Weighted lap blanket

Amazing service, very quick and My 6 year old loves it.. has really helped him concentrate in the classroom to have on his lap while working.


It's lovely to use and it helps ground me


Fantastic! That’s what describes the experience I have had. All my questions where answered, great communication either email or phone and the weighted lap pad was a massive hit with my daughter. I know I will be coming back to get more items for my daughter.

Lap pad

Well made, high quality fabric and stitching. Excellent email communication. This is the second lap pad I have purchased, my first one keeps getting “borrowed” by my kids.

Love, love, love!

I purchased the weighted blanket because my best friend pointed out that I may have anxiety because I told the only thing that could get me to sleep was by putting a pillow or some weight on my legs. It didn’t occur to me until she mentioned the weighted blanket and toys. I then tried out the lap weighted blanket over my legs while I sit on the couch, at my desk or when I sleep and I feel that exact soothing, calming feeling I need. Thankyou!

Sensory weighted blanket

I bought this for my son who has some problems regulating his emotions etc since buying it if he feels overwhelmed he goes straight to the blanket and he is calm in 5 minutes. Best thing I bought him

Fantastic sensory tool

It's been great as a sensory tool. Sometimes she pulls it off the bed and uses it like a sensory sock.

Great product

I bought the Purple and Shiny Weighted Snake to use with my ASD students at school, but my 11yr old (neurotypical,but prone to anxiety) son found it and has adopted it as his own. He loves the weight, but also the sensation of letting the beads trickle from one end to another. And I think the 3 different fabric textures is a great feature. Very well-made too, as with all Calming Moments products.

Sensory Narwhal Plush Weighted Toy - it’s fabulous

My order was made and despatched quickly, status updates were sent so I knew exactly what was happening with my order. The Sensory Narwhal Plush Weighted Toy was exactly as advertised, it looked and felt fabulous. It was a gift for someone and they were delighted with it. I was very pleased that it is a locally made product, the quality of the product and the customer service were all exceptional.

Weighted turtle

I bought this sensory weighted turtle for my son.he loves it and the texture is soft and has great quality.
I highly recommend this product.

Love the combinations

I love that I could make my own combination that reflects my personal choices and tastes.

Love it!

My 7yo daughter loves her Narwhal. She has called it "Sprinkles". Lovely quality and weight. It's just gorgeous!

Absolutely love it

My 9yo son loved his turtle immediately. It is SO soft and the weight is lovely. I kind of want one for myself!


I love that we were able to tailor the lap pad to my son’s interests and sensory needs. I also love that there are different weights for different ages which helped me chose the right weight for him. Would definitely buy from here again.

Sensory lap blanket

This product is beautifully made. I loved being able to choose the colour. We use it for reading and to help with concentration for tasks like handwriting and siting at the table for meal times. The quality of calming moments products is excellent. My son also uses a weighted blanket made by Calming Moments for sleeping which has stood the test of time.

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