Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about weighted blankets. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Occupational Therapists (OTs) recommend that weighted blankets should be 10% of a user’s body weight. We recommend using this guideline when buying a single or king single blanket.

So, if the user weighs 30kg, then you should get a 3kg weighted blanket.

You can use our weighted blanket calculator for single beds here.

However, if you are buying a double or queen size weighted blanket or a double, queen, king or super king weighted quilt insert, then we recommend adding 1kg. This is because the weight from the glass beads is spread over a wider area.

Where you have two people using a double or queen weighted blanket or a double, queen, king or super king quilt insert, then take the average weight of the two users and add 1kg.

So, if one user is 60kg and one is 80kg, the average weight would be 70kg. The large blanket or quilt insert should then be 7kg + 1kg = 8kg.

Or use our calculator for large blankets below.

Our weighted blankets are designed to lie on top of a bed with no overhang. This keeps them moulded around your body for the best Deep Pressure Touch input.

In contrast, Calming Moments’ weighted quilt inserts are used in an ordinary duvet or doona cover.

They hang over the sides of the bed and look the same as a conventional summer weight duvet.

The advantage is that they look the same as an ordinary duvet and you can regularly wash the cover.

The weighted blanket and weighted compression sheets both provide Deep Pressure Touch, which calms the body and helps you sleep. You should prefer a compression sheet to a weighted blanket:

  • When it is extremely hot and you cannot sleep under a blanket
  • If you like firm pressure but don’t want a relatively heavy weight on you while you sleep.

All Calming Moments’ weighted blankets and quilt inserts are 100% made at our factory in Mandurah, Western Australia with as many locally sourced inputs as we can find. Calming Moments’ weighted blankets are the only ones certified Australian-made by the Australian Made Campaign.

We do not recommend using a compression sheet and weighted blanket together.

Calming Moments’ weighted blankets are available in weights from 1kg to 12kg. The weight is supplied by micro glass beads. These are incredibly fine and – unlike poly pellets – have no sharp edges that could disturb you. They are also silent, unlike poly pellets that can make whooshing and rustling noises.

Deep Pressure Touch is a consistent, firm but gentle pressure that OTs apply to the body. The weight of a weighted blanket also applies Deep Pressure Touch – which feels like a hug – to your body. A number of clinical studies have shown that Deep Pressure Touch calms both the body and mind. It works in three phases in the central nervous system. In the first stage, Deep Pressure Touch shuts down your sympathetic nervous system’s “fight or flight” instinct. Secondly, Deep Pressure Touch switches the parasympathetic nervous system on. This slows your breathing and heart rate. Your muscles relax and your blood pressure declines. Simply, it causes your body to de-stress. This de-stressing process is then given a boost. The parasympathetic nervous system also releases endorphins (or “feel-good” hormones) and the “happy neuro-transmitter serotonin. (Serotonin helps control sleep, mood, appetite, social behaviour, digestion and memory. The end result is that you feel calmer and less overwhelmed. And at least one clinical study has shown that this helps you got to sleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Calming Moments’ cotton blankets are a relatively cool blanket because they are made from natural, breathable fabrics. However, they are nonetheless blankets. This means they are warmer than just sleeping under a sheet. If you are looking for the comfort of Deep Pressure touch in the height of Australia’s summer, we recommend you use one of our lycra compression sheets instead.

All Calming Moments’ weighted blankets are completely machine-washable on cold, gentle cycle if your machine can take the weight. If not, please take it to a laundromat and wash it there. Please do not tumble dry or dry clean.

Yes, you can under certain circumstances. Calming Moments is a registered provider for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). You need to have a medical professional such as a mental health care worker or OT fill out this form and submit it to the Plan Manager or NDIS. Then order online and select the NDIS checkout option. We will make your blanket and ship it to you as soon as we receive payment.

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