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Certified Australian-made weighted blankets


Does Australian-made Matter for a Weighted Blanket?

Does Australian-made Matter for a Weighted Blanket?

Does Australian-made Matter for a Weighted Blanket?

I often get asked: “Does a weighted blanket have to be Australian-made? Does it matter?”

The answer is: it depends on what’s important to you.

So let’s look at the six things that an Australian-made weighted blanket gives you. (That an imported, mass-manufactured weighted blanket can’t.)

1. Guaranteed Quality

Only weighted blankets with a 2-year guarantee

Firstly, we make our weighted blankets to extremely high quality standards. We back this with a rigorous Quality Control process.

We don’t just say this.

And you can be sure it’s true. Calming Moments is the only Australian weighted blanket with a two-year guarantee. This means we will repair or replace the weighted blanket in the unlikely event the stitching breaks.

2. Widest Choice of Weights = Australia’s Safest Weighted Blanket

Custom-made with the right weight for the best calming effect

Calming Moments’ weighted blankets come in a choice of over 20 different weights. This means that you get the right weight to give your body the best calming effect.

Importantly, it also means that our weighted blankets are safe to use. They will not be too heavy for the end-user.

(We recommend that you should always be able to lift a weighted blanket off your body.)

3. Made By People Who Love Their Jobs – And Earn a Fair Wage

Better social skills

We mean it when we say that we make your weighted blanket with love and care.

Our Australian staff love their jobs. We know what we do genuinely makes people’s lives calmer and better.

We also pay our staff in line with Fair Work’s legislated wage rates. And this means that each employee earns a fair, living wage. (In comparison, we pay our staff as much in an hour as factory workers in some Asian countries earn in a week.)

4. A More Environmentally Friendly Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets made using solar power

Did you know that Calming Moments’ weighted blankets are made with Australian sunshine?

Our factory has solar panels on the roof and we generate solar power with these.

5. Widest Range of Fabric and Colour Choices Available in Australia

Greatest choice of fabrics and colours

We custom-make each blanket to order .

This means that we can make you a weighted blanket our of any suitable fabric that you like.

We stock coloured and printed cottons, sensory minky and smooth minky.

Our range of printed cottons includes:

  • Fun Character, Super Hero and other themes that children love;
  • Stylish patterns for teens and adults; and
  • Beautiful florals.

6. The Weight Won’t Shift Around

The weight won't shift around

Our manufacturing process includes filling each weighted blanket with two layers of cotton wadding.

This keeps the micro glass beads in place – and that means that the weight won’t move around in the blanket and disturb your rest.

Plus – the micro glass beads have no sharp edges and are silent.

So the blanket is designed to help you sleep better.

So then, these are the six reasons that an Australian-made weighted blanket matters.

And did you know?

Only Calming Moments’ weighted blankets are certified Australian-made?

The only certified Australian-made weighted blanket

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