Certified Australian-made weighted blankets

Free shipping Australia-wide

Certified Australian-made weighted blankets


Weighted Blankets Relieve Anxiety and Help You Sleep

Roarsome Dinosaur Weighted Blankets Help You Have Calm, Happy Bedtimes and a Peaceful Night's Sleep

Certified Australian-made
Certified Australian-made
Weighted blankets custom-made for the best calming effect
Custom-made for you
Premium quality guaranteed
Premium quality guaranteed
Free shipping Australia-wide
Free shipping Australia-wide

Get Happy Dinosaur Dreams

Our Customers' Real-Life Stories



Our OT recommended that we get a weighted blanket from Calming Moments because it was the only one we would be able to get with the correct weight (10% of my son’s weight).

The blanket is very well made, the fabric is good quality and my son loves it.

– Kate B



I was a bit sceptical but I went ahead and ordered one for my daughter (who knew that she loved dinosaurs so much).

She is much calmer during the day and sleeping better at night. Thank you

– Jessica T



Our family calls it the “sleep better” blanket. My son loves identifying the different dinosaurs on it.

– Sophie E



My son loves his calming blanket made with the dinosaur fabric. I love that he’s actually sleeping.

– Amy L

Do You or Your Loved Ones Struggle with Anxiety or to Get to Sleep?

Here are 4 ways Calming Moments’ weighted blankets can help.

Calming Moments weighted blankets improve sleep
1. Soothe you to sleep

Our customers tell us that it’s like being a hug that lasts the whole night.

It keeps you feeling safe and secure

Calming Moments' weighted blankets calm feelings of overwhelm
2. Calm overwhelm

Weighted blankets use a firm, gentle pressure known as “Deep Pressure Touch”.

It first switches off your body’s “fight or flight” response.

This calms your feelings of overwhelm and confusion.

Calming Moments' weighted blankets relieve anxiety
3. Relieve anxiety

Deep Pressure Touch also slows the heart and breathing rates.

This means that your body feels physically calmer.

And you feel less anxious.

Weighted blankets help reduce stress
4. Reduce feelings of stress

Lastly, Deep Pressure Touch floods your blood stream with “feel-good” neurotransmitters and hormones. These calm the mind.

The end result is that you feel less stressed.

Find Out More

Weighted blankets work to calm anxiety and stress through applying Deep Pressure Touch to your body

Find out how Deep Pressure Touch works here.

Every weighted blanket should have two characteristics to maximise its calming Deep Pressure Touch benefits. 

Read this article to find out what they are and how we make our weighted blankets so that they work best for you.

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