Design-Your-Own Weighted Blankets

Now, you can design your very own weighted blanket to reflect your unique personality.

Because we custom-make each weighted blanket individually in our factory in Mandurah, WA, we can literally make you a weighted blanket from any fabric your heart desires.

Choose any two fabrics from our extensive selection of plain coloured cotton, printed cotton or minky fabrics.

And make your special weighted blanket even more unique by embroidering your name on it!

So choose whichever fabric you like from our library – or e-mail your special order and we’ll source it for you.

We have made weighted blankets for thousands of Australians since 2013. Here is what some of them say about them. And you can find more on our Testimonials page. 

What People Say

Skye Phillips recommends Calming Moments


They went above and beyond to find the fabric I requested and were very responsive with all of my questions!

Received the blankets today and the quality is AMAZING!!!

Khya Craine recommends Calming Moments

Anti-anxiety calming therapy weighted blanket for insomnia

Amazing fast service. Went above and beyond to make my son his favourite monster trucks on a blanket for him.

Suzette Sayer recommends Calming Moments


I bought a Calming Moments weighted blanket for my teenager who struggles with many challenges. I researched whether they worked or not, and then selected an Australian-made product I could trust.

I was sceptical but desperate to find a solution to at least one of our problems. It has been a God-send from the first night.

My teenager now wakes feeling ‘good’ instead of ‘blah’, which makes their day so much easier to cope with.

A huge thank you to the Calming Moments team!

Trudy Ruth recommends Calming Moments


I have been suffering insomnia for months. This blankets two nights in…have allowed me 6/7 hours sleep when I’m lucky to have 4 normally. I only purchased a single (my bed is a king) so I may upgrade. Thanks heaps… Lovely material and stitching is high quality.

Winner here.

Jim Dowling recommends Calming Moments


I didn’t realise how good sleep could be until I started using one of your weighted blankets.

I used to sleep very light and always woke up groggy.

Now I always feel like I’m getting a great night’s sleep. Thanks!

Leah Solly recommends Calming Moments

Anti-anxiety calming therapy weighted blanket for insomnia

These blankets are fantastic, my daughter has ptsd anxiety depression and stress from car accident and she uses hers every night and got another one ordered.
Highly recommend and so lovely to speak to 😊

Bridget Todd recommends Calming Moments

Anti-anxiety calming therapy weighted blanket for insomnia

Highly Recommend, my daughter has a hearing loss and one of her biggest struggles has been calming down enough at the end of the day to sleep, usually it takes her hours and lots of tears but the last 2 weeks she’s been using her blanket and has fallen asleep within 5 minutes of going to bed

Courtney Earle  recommends Calming Moments

Anti-anxiety calming therapy weighted blanket for insomnia

We brought a blanket for our son, who’s always been a restless light sleeper but not only that needs the touch and comfort of someone next to him. We had exhausted all avenues and were exhausted ourselves. It’s always been that way since he was born, he’s now 6. A few family members made the comment about trying a weighted blanket and we thought what have to got to lose and ordered one. Calming Moments were so easy to work with and our order arrived yesterday. He was so excited we put it on his bed. This morning our son walked into our room and said “I stayed in my bed the whole night, my blanket was so good mum. It was like someone was cuddling me the whole time”.

I wish we had ordered one a lot sooner! We can’t thank you enough! We’ll definitely be back soon for more.