Certified Australian-made weighted blankets

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Certified Australian-made weighted blankets



Certified Australian-made weighted blankets

Does Australian-made Matter for a Weighted Blanket?

I often get asked: “Does a weighted blanket have to be Australian-made. Does it matter?”

The answer is: it depends on what’s important to you.

So let’s look at the six things that an Australian-made weighted blanket gives you. (That an imported, mass-manufactured weighted blanket can’t.)

Design-your-own weighted blanket made with Pink Feathers fabric

3 Ways Weighted Blankets Help Children Live Calmer Lives

Does your child struggle to sleep at night, wake up in the morning and stay calm and centred during the day?

Children often feel anxious and overwhelmed. This can be the underlying cause.

Here are 3 ways that Calming Moments’ weighted blankets help children live calmer lives.

Emotions weighted lap pad

How Do Weighted Lap Pads Work?

A weighted lap pad or blanket is a small, heavy blanket the size of a tray. It is heavy because it is usually filled with something that gives it weight, such as glass beads or poly pellets. Many people with sensory processing challenges find using weighted lap blankets at school, home or work can help …

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