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Young girl using a Dinosaur weighted lap pad

How Do Weighted Lap Pads Work?

A weighted lap pad or blanket is a small, heavy blanket the size of a tray. It is heavy because it is usually filled with something that gives it weight, such as glass beads or poly pellets. Many people with sensory processing challenges find using weighted lap blankets at school, home or work can help […]

2020 International Asperger Awareness Day

Celebrating 9 Asperger’s Heroes on International Asperger’s Day

Today is International Asperger’s Day, although medical professionals now see the syndrome as part of the autism spectrum and not separate. So, we’re celebrating 9 heroes who either are – or may have been – on the autism spectrum. Please, celebrate with us. And here they are – in no particular order. 1. Greta Thunberg […]