How Weighted Lap Blankets Can Help People with ADD

People – and especially children – with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)* can come across as day dreamers. They often have difficulty following instruction. They may fail to complete their work or school tasks. And they can struggle with social interactions. The truth is, they’re not being lazy. They just fail to complete assigned tasks to […]

Kid’s Weighted Blankets – Why Settle For Average?

Kids Color Blankets

The recommended weight of a weighted blanket by discussions with various Australian Occupational Therapists was always 10% of a child’s body weight. It was found to be not only the optimal weight but also the safest way to make sure a child could safely remove a weighted blanket.

Emotions on a weighted blanket what a great combination

Boys Emotion Weighted Lap Blanket

Life is all amount emotions because anything we do is usually guided by how we feel/look/behave. Because of that, it’s very important as a child to learn and the importance of emotions at all times. However, autistic kids simply do not have the luxury of taking this for granted like other kids do, and instead, […]