Certified Australian-made weighted blankets

Free shipping Australia-wide

Certified Australian-made weighted blankets


Sensory Weighted Blankets Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Sensory Weighted Blankets Relieve Stress and Anxiety

They're Like an All-Night Hug That Helps You Sleep Better

Certified Australian-made
Certified Australian-made
Greatest choice of fabrics and colours
Great fabric and colour choices
Premium quality guaranteed
Premium quality guarantee
Free shipping Australia-wide
Free shipping Australia-wide

Sleep Better. Live Better.

Do You or Your Loved Ones Struggle with Anxiety or to Get to Sleep?

Here are 4 ways Calming Moments’ weighted blankets can help.

Calming Moments weighted blankets improve sleep
1. Soothe you to sleep

Our customers tell us that it’s like being a hug that lasts the whole night.

It keeps you feeling safe and secure

Calming Moments' weighted blankets calm feelings of overwhelm
2. Calm overwhelm

Weighted blankets use a firm, gentle pressure known as “Deep Pressure Touch”.

It first switches off your body’s “fight or flight” response.

This calms your feelings of overwhelm and confusion.

Calming Moments' weighted blankets relieve anxiety
3. Relieve anxiety

Deep Pressure Touch also slows the heart and breathing rates.

This means that your body feels physically calmer.

And you feel less anxious.

Weighted blankets that reduce stress
4. Reduce feelings of stress

Lastly, Deep Pressure Touch floods your blood stream with “feel-good” neurotransmitters and hormones. These calm the mind.

The end result is that you feel less stressed.

Recommended by Occupational Therapists

“I cannot speak any more highly of your products! The craftsmanship is perfection and the prices realistic!

I have placed many orders with you and your communication, timeliness of delivery and – of course – product quality is second to none!”

-Amy H from Amy’s OT

Some of Our Customers' Real-Life Stories

“Very Happy with My Purchase”
Calming Moments weighted blanket review

I purchased three weighted blankets (one for hubby and I and one for each child) because I was sick of the lack of sleep I was getting due to everyone else.


They take a little getting used to after a light feather doona but I absolutely swear by them!


My husband (who suffers from a sleep disorder) says that he loves the weighted blanket and it has significantly reduced his need to take sleep medication. He really noticed the difference when he went away and was without the blanket for a few days.


I used to wake up at night and lay awake for ages but this doesn’t happen any more with the weighted blanket. The kids are both much more settled at night as well! Very happy with my purchase and would recommend them to anyone with sleep issues.


-Kristen W

“I’m Having the Best Sleep”
Calming Moments weighted blanket review

I was looking for a weighted blanket made in Australia. Calming Moments ticked all the boxes.

I was able to order a Super King Size Weighted Quilt Insert. Calming Moments kept me up to date with the progress of my order at all times via email.

The item arrived in a timely manner despite the COVID Crisis and it is really well made.

I’m having the best sleep since I started using the new insert. I would highly recommend this company if you would like to improve the quality of your sleep.

– Tanya E

“I Fall Asleep Within Half an Hour”
Calming Moments weighted blanket review

I have been using this blanket for 6 months now.

I used to take 2-3 hours just to fall asleep and can’t stay asleep because of anxiety.

Now I fall asleep within half an hour and stay asleep most of the nights and feel refreshed in the morning.

Not to mention that the blanket is very well stitched and the materials used inside the blanket are very fine and soft to touch.

I can’t think you enough for your good work in helping us.

– Kevyl N

“Winner Here”
Calming Moments weighted blanket review

I have been suffering insomnia for months. This blanket two nights in…has allowed me 6/7 hours sleep when I’m lucky to have 4 normally.

I only purchased a single (my bed is a king) so I may upgrade. Thanks heaps… Lovely material and stitching is high quality.
Winner here.

– Trudy R

Find Out More

Got questions about weighted blankets, how they work to calm anxiety and stress or when you should use one?

Get answers to all your weighted blanket questions here.

Every weighted blanket should have two characteristics to maximise its calming Deep Pressure Touch benefits. 

Read this article to find out what they are .

Does it really matter that your weighted blanket is made right here in Australia?

Find out the 6 reasons that we think it does.

Here are 3 More Reasons to Consider a Calming Moments' Weighted Blanket:
Weighted blankets custom-made for the best calming effect
1. Custom-made for the best calming effect

We custom-make each weighted blanket with the correct weight.

This gives your unique body the best calming effect.

Only weighted blankets with a 2-year guarantee
2. Guaranteed for 2 years

These premium quality weighted blankets come with a unique two-year guarantee.

This means we will repair or replace it in the unlikely event that the stitching breaks.

Widest range of fabrics and colours for weighted blankets available in Australia
3. More fabric and colour choice

We have the widest choice of weighted blanket fabrics and colours available.

Choose from breathable cotton, snuggly sensory minky,  luxurious smooth minky or fun printed cottons.

Get 25% Off on Our Big Sale

Now – for a limited time only – you can buy selected weighted blankets and lap pads for a very rare 25% off.

Hurry and buy your weighted blanket bargain today as stock is limited.

  • No coupon code required;
  • Premium Australian-made quality;
  • Free shipping Australia-wide;
  • Machine-washable on cold-gentle cycle;
  • Afterpay and Zippay available.

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