Why are weighted blankets so expensive?

Calming Moments weighted blanket
I often get asked a version of “Why do weighted blankets cost so much?”

Calming Moments’ weighted blankets have a price tag that reflects their high quality.

But, let’s unpack this. So that you can be sure that your Calming Moments’ weighted blanket is great value for your dollars.
Australian hand-crafted with love
Each Calming Moments weighted blanket is hand made by our team of amazing Aussie mums. This means we put more care into making sure that each seam is triple stitched.

So, you can be sure that the weight stays evenly distributed through each blanket. Because each pocket stays intact. This gives you the best Deep Pressure Touch effect – which makes a weighted blanket calm your mind.
We only use the highest quality inputs
We source as many Australian- made inputs as we can – including the super silent micro glass beads.

And we make sure that every item that goes into each blanket is the highest quality we can buy. So you can enjoy that safe, calm feeling that comes from cuddling under a Calming Moments blanket.
Each blanket is custom-made for you
We do not mass-produce, but make every individual blanket to your order. You can choose from our wide range of beautiful fabrics. Plain and printed cottons, smooth or sensory minky or combine them. This means every blanket is unique – and can reflect your own personality.

We can also embroider your name – to make your blanket truly yours and unique.
Widest range of blanket weights to choose from
Many cheaper weighted blankets come in a limited number of different weights.

Occupational Therapists recommend that a single bed blanket be 10% of the user’s weight. (We recommend adding 1kg for the double and queen size blankets.)

If you use a weighted blanket that is too light for your body, it will not have the optimal calming effect. This is because there is not enough Deep Pressure Touch.

If the weighted blanket is too heavy, then it will be uncomfortable. This will increase – rather than decrease – your stress levels.

Like Goldilocks’ porridge, the weight needs to be “just right”.

We have 20 different weights available – stretching from 2.5kg to 12.0kg in 0.5kg increments. This means you can always get the best match weight for your body. This means you will always experience the calming action of Deep Pressure Touch .
Backed by a Unique two-year guarantee
And then, we have a two-year guarantee. This means that you know each weighted blanket will last. And it will continue to help you destress, relax and sleep.

Lastly, ask yourself about the cost of the alternatives to a good night’s sleep – for yourself or someone you love.
– How many hundreds of dollars could you spend on sleep therapy sessions?
– How much medication might you need to take over many years? What would the cost of that be?
– What would the cost of other health interventions be, if you are chronically sleep deprived? And this would likely include both physical and mental health aspects.
Don’t make a false economy by choosing a “cheap” weighted blanket
So, not investing in a well-made, quality weighted blanket could be a false economy.

Many of our customers have first bought a cheap import from a marketplace.
– Then they find that the stitching breaks and the weight winds up on one side of the blanket, pinning you to your bed.
– The cheaper blankets are often filled with poly pellets. They are large and can dig into your skin. And they rattle or have a swooshing noise.
– The fabric can fray under the weight of the poly pellets.

In the long run, this all means that a premium Calming Moments weighted blanket gives you a great deal. Our high quality product gives you peace of mind that you – or someone you love – can use it safely for years and years.
Our beautiful coloured cotton blankets start from just $149,00. Isn’t a great night’s sleep worth this?

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