Weighted blankets: Why one weight does not fit all

Calming Moments weighted blanket

And “poof”. Just like that “everyone” knows about weighted blankets.

And every second retailer stocks cheap, imported weighted blankets.

But – have you noticed – that the available weights tend to be quite select:

  • 2.5kg;
  • 7.0kg;
  • 9.0kg;
  • 10.0kg and
  • 12.0kg.

The danger in the “mainstreaming” of weighted blankets

This is a problem because Occupational Therapists (OTs) recommend that single bed weighted blankets are 10% or slightly more of a user’s body weight.


Because weighted blankets help calm physical and mental agitation by applying a firm but gentle pressure all over the body. The experts call this Deep Pressure Touch.

And clinical studies have shown that Deep Pressure Touch physiologically calms both the body and mind.

BUT there is one important ingredient to the Deep Pressure Touch. It has to be just right.

  • It cannot be too soft (because the weight is too light), because then it doesn’t do its job.
  • It must not be too hard or painful, because the blanket is too heavy. Because that is – simply – not relaxing at all.


In other words, following the “slightly more than 10%” rule for a single bed weighted blanket helps you get the best Deep Pressure Touch experience – and more sleep.

So, someone of (say) 60kg using a (say) 2.5kg blanket will not receive the correct level of sensory proprioceptive input. And then they will probably find that the weighted blanket doesn’t work for them.

Similarly, a blanket that is too heavy can make you claustrophobic and anxious.


Don’t risk injuring someone with a weighted blanket that is too heavy

There is also an important safety aspect to using the correct weight blanket – especially for children.

A user must always be able to easily lift the blanket off themselves to make sure there is no risk of injury or suffocation.

If you put someone who weighs (say) 30kg under a 10kg blanket, they will not be able to move it. And could be hurt.


We want you to have the best weighted blanket experience possible

That is why Calming Moments’ weighted blankets are specifically engineered to give you the correct weight blanket relative to your body mass.

Our weighted blankets for beds are available in single, king single, double and queen size.

We make them in 20 different weights, starting from 2.5kg and then increasing in 0.5kg increments to 12.0kg. This means you always get a high quality, correctly weighted blanket.

This, in turn, will give you the correct amount of Deep Pressure Touch – not too firm and not too gentle.

This will relax your mind and body – and help you sleep.


The Calming Moments’ promise to you

Our beautiful, hand crafted weighted blankets help you have calm, happy bedtimes and a peaceful night’s sleep.

  • We make each and every weighted blanket by hand in our factory in Mandurah, WA. (Our weighted blankets are certified Australian-made, with as many Australian-sourced products as we can.) This means you have peace of mind about our production standards and the quality of our inputs.
  • We carefully engineer each blanket to be the correct weight for each individual user. There is no “one size fits all” approach. This means your weighted blanket will give you the optimum amount of Deep Pressure Touch – so that you can go to sleep and stay asleep longer.
  • We have the widest range of fabrics and colours to choose from – so you can get a beautiful, unique blanket that reflects your personality.
  • We have a unique Calming 2-year guarantee, because we know we make our blankets to the very highest quality standards. This gives you peace of mind that your blanket is a long-term investment in your sleep.

So, don’t delay. You can buy one of our exquisite weighted blankets today for single, king single, double or queen size beds. Just click on the button below for our range of different weighted blankets by bed size. 

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