Purple Weighted Blankets – What does the colour purple mean?

purple calming moments blankets

This fantastic colour we use in our purple weighted blankets is associated with magic, mystery, rarity, royalty, luxury, and also ambition.

This colour is thought to help calm the mind, increase creativity, encourage imagination and also has a spiritual feel to it. Maybe that’s why we chose it for our logo colour.

Combining the calmness of blue with the fiery energy of red to produce one of our favourite colours. And it doesn’t matter if your male or female this colour is ideal for both.

calming moments blankets

Brands that use this colour in their logo are:

  • Cadbury Chocolate
  • Hallmark Cards
  • The Willy Wonka Candy Company 
  • Yahoo

Below are some of our purple weighted blankets for those who love purple: 

calming moments


Purple Minky Weighted Blanket

Weighted Blankets for Beds

Purple Available in Selection

Travel Minky Weighted Blanket

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