Emotions on a weighted blanket what a great combination

Boys Emotion Weighted Lap Blanket
Life is all amount emotions because anything we do is usually guided by how we feel/look/behave. Because of that, it’s very important as a child to learn and the importance of emotions at all times. However, autistic kids simply do not have the luxury of taking this for granted like other kids do, and instead, they need to learn about new emotions in their quest to understand life.This is why we have created an emotion chart blanket so that your autistic child can have some fun while looking at the blanket and fully understand what are emotions and how they can identify them on the market. Our emotion chart blanket is an original product that has never been available on the market until now, and we created it because we wanted to combine the usefulness of a weighted blanket for autistic children with the fun and excitement that comes from a graphical emotion chart.The weighted blanket has a one of a kind design and it comes with 3 different lap size weights, from small to medium and large. Our product comes in two models, one for autistic boys and one from autistic girls.Each model comes with its own set of graphics, suitable for the focused category, but other than that the fabric used and padding are identical, and so are the colours as well. The weighted blanket comes in colours such as red, purple, blue, pink, black and lime green. All of these manage to create a very interesting, exciting emotion chart blanket that your kid will use and have fun with.If you need padding for the weighted blanket, then you can opt for a 100% cotton padding that will cost you an extra $10, which will be added to the base price of the blanket.On our emotion chart weighted blanket, you will be able to find 10 emotions that will teach the autistic children how to express their feelings in a variety of situations. The product has been created with the main purpose of helping various categories of autistic children deal with the issues they encounter at home or in a classroom, while also maintaining a simple and appealing idea that kids can relate to!The emotion chart weighted blanket has a cute design, but at the same time, it’s created to be durable since it’s filled with micro glass beads and it’s triple stitched to provide the best protection for your child.If you are looking for a weighted blanket that will help your autistic child relax and have some calming moments, then our emotion chart blanket is surely the perfect product you can purchase. We offer the emotion chart weighted blanket at a great price, and we have a flat-free shipping cost of $10, no matter where you are located in Australia. If you want to enrich the lives of your autistic child and at the same time help him understand more about human emotions, don’t hesitate and check the emotion chart weighted blanket right away, you will be glad you did!

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